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Juliet Marillier

New Zealand (b.1948)

Juliet Marillier was born in New Zealand and brought up in Dunedin, the 'Edinburgh of the South'. She has a passionate interest in Celtic music and Irish folklore. A mother of two daughters and two sons, she lives in a rural area outside Perth in Western Australia.

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy
   Prickle Moon (2013)
   Once Upon an Enchanted Forest (2019) (with Bethany Adams, Elva Birch, Angela J Ford, Emma Hamm, Morgan Jensen, Alisha Klapheke, Autumn Shelley, Michelle Tang and Charissa Weaks)
Anthologies containing stories by Juliet Marillier
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Short stories
Otherling (2000)

Juliet Marillier recommends
The Goblin King (2011)
(Shadowlands , book 1)
Shona Husk
"An intriguing story, engagingly told. Who would have thought a goblin could make such a compelling hero? Darkly Celtic, richly imagined, this is paranormal romance at its best."
The Gathering of the Lost (2012)
(Wall of Night, book 2)
Helen Lowe
"Helen Lowe's writing moves from strength to strength. Powerful story lines, memorable characters, and a vividly imagined world."
Congress of Secrets (2016)
Stephanie Burgis
"An intriguing story of dark alchemical magic among the power brokers of the Napoleonic era. A compelling, fast-paced read historical fantasy with real substance."
A Season of Spells (2016)
(Noctis Magicae, book 3)
Sylvia Izzo Hunter
"Elegantly written, fast-paced, and highly original."
The Emerald Circus (2017)
Jane Yolen
"Jane Yolen is a consummate storyteller, weaving old and new threads to create tales rich in wisdom and depth. The Emerald Circus is an utter delight."
Weave a Circle Round (2017)
Kari Maaren
"Weave a Circle Round draws the reader down a crooked pathway full of sharp turns and daunting obstacles. The thought-provoking story engages both heart and mind as we live every challenge with Freddy and her unusual companions. A real box of surprises, this novel deserves to become a YA classic."
Starlings (2018)
Jo Walton
"Starlings is a showcase of Jo Walton's diverse talents?a collection too varied to be summed up in a few words. From fairytale fantasy to hard science fiction, from laugh-aloud play script to finely crafted poetry, with a writing experiment or two thrown in, Starlings should delight Walton's existing fans and garner many new ones."
The Beast's Heart (2018)
Leife Shallcross
"I stayed up until the small hours finishing THE BEAST'S HEART. What a delight! This is a beautifully crafted, deeply romantic reworking of the fairy tale. Leife Shallcross opens a brand new window onto the old story, creating a cast of engaging characters whose fates we really care about."
Unnatural Magic (2019)
C M Waggoner
"Unnatural Magic is peopled with unforgettable characters, whose changing relationships form the beating heart of this fast-paced, beautifully written story. Within the compelling tale lie some big themes--power, magic, gender and sexuality among them--and the author weaves them in skilfully, with just the right combination of compassion, insight and humour. This one goes straight onto my Keepers shelf."
The Fourth Island (2020)
Sarah Tolmie
"The Fourth Island is both beguiling and unsettling, both mythic and earthy. A truly memorable story, beautifully crafted."

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