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Heide Goody

Heide Goody has been co-writing with Iain Grant for several years now.
The Clovenhoof Satan-in-suburbia comedy series goes from strength to strength, check it out!
You might also enjoy the Oddjobs series, especially if you've ever had a terrible job.
Don't forget to look at the standalone novels too, there are some gems in there.

3 Fun facts about Heide and Iain*:
Heide and Iain are writers in residence of a Warwickshire phone box
Heide and Iain were commissioned to write an Adrian Mole story to celebrate the character's 50th birthday.
Heide and Iain operate a premium line phone service where they will read stories to your pets when you're on holiday
* One of these is untrue

Heide lives in North Warwickshire, England with her husband and children.
   Fiends (2015) (with Mark Cassell, Debbie Christiana, Kelda Critch, Jake Elwood, Iain Grant, Rayne Hall, Douglas Kolacki, Tracie McBride, Mitch Sebourn and Pamela Turner)
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