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Nicholas Eames was born to parents of infinite patience and unstinting support in Wingham, Ontario. Though he attended college for theatre arts, he gave up acting to pursue the infinitely more attainable profession of 'epic fantasy novelist.' Kings of the Wyld is his first novel. Nicholas loves black coffee, neat whiskey, the month of October, and video games. He currently lives in Ontario, Canada, and is very probably writing at this very moment.

Genres: Fantasy
Nicholas Eames recommends
First Watch (2017)
(Fifth Ward, book 1)
Dale Lucas
"A brilliant premise, wonderfully told. A city that breathes, and heroes you can't help but root for."
The Wolf of Oren-Yaro (2017)
(Chronicles of the Bitch Queen, book 1)
K S Villoso
"Intricate, intimate and intensely plotted."
Bad Faith (2018)
(Dragon Lords, book 3)
Jon Hollins
"A one-of-a-kind storyteller, a master of epic fun and nonstop action."
The Gutter Prayer (2019)
(Black Iron Legacy, book 1)
Gareth Hanrahan
"Captivating . . . Guerdon is a city that seethes with history, horror and hidden secrets."
Seven Blades in Black (2019)
(Grave of Empires, book 1)
Sam Sykes
"Seven Blades in Black is terrific. The tale of Sal the Cacophony is delightfully sarcastic and deeply sorrowful. If you've ever wanted to read Final Fantasy: The Book, this is it."
The Bone Ships (2019)
(Tide Child Trilogy, book 1)
RJ Barker
"A singular, sensational new voice in epic fantasy."
A Little Hatred (2019)
(Age of Madness, book 1)
Joe Abercrombie
"A Little Hatred is Abercrombie at his very best: witty, wise, and whip-smart. Masterfully plotted . . . . I had high hopes for this book, and it exceed them all."
The Black Hawks (2019)
(Articles of Faith, book 1)
David Wragg
"Reminds me of Abercrombie’s THE BLADE ITSELF."
Rabbits (2019)
(Rabbits, book 1)
Terry Miles
"Rabbits is a remarkably assured debut, deftly written and laced with intrigue. It combines Haruki Murakami’s slice-of-life surrealness with the thrilling pace and pop-culture throwbacks of Ready Player One. I loved it."
The Unspoken Name (2020)
(Serpent Gates, book 1)
A K Larkwood
"An astounding debut, written with skill and stunning assurance . . . From its flawless first page to its bittersweet last, The Unspoken Name is unlike anything I’ve read before."
Paternus: War of Gods (2020)
(Paternus, book 3)
Dyrk Ashton
"Terrific! Intelligent, intricate, suspenseful, and epic."
The Worst of All Possible Worlds (2020)
(Salvagers, book 3)
Alex White
"Intense action and refreshingly honest characters. I loved it!."
The Blacktongue Thief (2021)
(Blacktongue, book 1)
Christopher Buehlman
"Chock-full of wry wit, foul language, and characters who arrive on the page with savage, sordid pasts hot on their heels. Often humorous, occasionally horrifying, and sometimes incredibly poignant, I love every single page of this book. Every sentence, even. It's that good."
Artifact Space (2021)
Miles Cameron
"I loved Nbaro. I loved her crew. I loved their ship, the Athens, and I loved every page of this book. Miles has done something extraordinary here, fusing space adventure and war-time camaraderie with gritty, day-to-day detail in a way that makes the future feel like history in the best way possible."
The Empire's Ruin (2021)
(Ashes of the Unhewn Throne, book 1)
Brian Staveley
"Brian Staveley’s books are epic in every sense of the word. He’s a giant in the genre, no doubt."
Legends & Lattes (2022)
(Legends & Lattes)
Travis Baldree
"Legends & Lattes is a uniquely beautiful book. Its cast of endearing characters have no interest at all in killing one another. There is no Great Evil, no bloody battles, and yet the pillars of great fantasy--resilience, fellowship, and a desire to make the world a better place--are all here. It's wonderfully wholesome, and I hope heralds the rise of a 'slice-of-life' sub-genre in modern fantasy."
Daughter of Redwinter (2022)
(Redwinter Chronicles, book 1)
Ed McDonald
"Daughter of Redwinter has it all: enigmatic characters, shady politics, secret cults, ancient evils, and a young woman grappling with her own shattered identity while navigating a world in which no one is quite what they seem."
Emperor of Ruin (2023)
(Burningblade & Silvereye, book 3)
Django Wexler
"Deliciously inventive, brimming with ancient evils, fallen empires, mysterious technology, and devastating magic."
The Malevolent Seven (2023)
Sebastien De Castell
"The Malevolent Seven is a masterful blend of Sebastien de Castell's unique brand of wry humour, elegant prose, and wonderfully imaginative worldbuilding. I devoured this book and loved every page."

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