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Kay Gregory

Kay Gregory grew up in England and moved to Canada with her parents as a teenager. Shortly after moving to Victoria, B.C. she met her husband, then serving in the Canadian navy, in the unromantic setting of a dog club banquet. After their marriage Kay and her husband lived in Winnipeg and Thunder Bay before moving to Vancouver where they now make their home. They have two grown sons, and at various times have co-habited, more or less willingly, with dogs, hamsters, gerbils rats and ferrets.

Over the years Kay has had more jobs than she can count, many of which have provided invaluable background for her stories. Her women's fiction novel, A Woman of Experience, was a Write Choice: Readers' Award finalist. Now the author of over 40 books, novellas and short stories, Kay says, "Writing is definitely the best job I've ever had, and it's one I don't plan to change." She looks forward to publishing more books with ePublishingWorks.

Genres: Romance