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Kenneth Grahame

Scotland (1859 - 1932)

Kenneth Grahame was a British writer, most famous for The Wind in the Willows (1908), one of the classics of children's literature. He also wrote The Reluctant Dragon, which was much later adapted into a Disney movie.

While still a young man, Grahame began to publish light stories in London periodicals such as the St. James Gazette. Some of these stories were collected and published as Pagan Papers in 1893, and, two years later, The Golden Age. These were followed by Dream Days in 1898, which contains The Reluctant Dragon.

There is a ten-year gap between Grahame's previous book and the publication of his triumph, The Wind in the Willows. During this decade Grahame became a father. The wayward headstrong nature he saw in his little son he transformed into the swaggering Mr. Toad, one of its four principal characters. Despite its success, he never attempted a sequel. Others, years after his death, have done that for him. The book was a hit and is still enjoyed by adults and children today, whether in book form or in the films.

Genres: Children's Fiction
   Pagan Papers (1893)
   The Golden Age (1895)
   Dream Days (1898)
   The Headswoman (1898)
   The Wind in the Willows (1908)
   Fun O'The Fair (1929)
   The Reluctant Dragon (1938)
   Bertie's Escapade (1949)
   The Kenneth Grahame Book (1932)
   The River Bank (1978)
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The Horned God (2022)
Weird Tales of the Great God Pan
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edited by
Michael Wheatley
Dreams and Wonders (2010)
Stories from the Dawn of Modern Fantasy
edited by
Mike Ashley

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