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Paul is 36 years old and despite the surname hails from Sussex where he has lived all his life, having gone to school in the beautiful countryside town of Midhurst. He was born in Shoreham-by-Sea, within spitting distance of Brighton, a city he's called home since the mid 90's.

Over the last twelve years, Paul has worked as a soldier (part time only), a bouncer, a security officer and a police officer, not necessarily in that order. In a 6 year police career, Paul worked on the beat (on a mountain bike of all things), on response, then on LST, specializing in riot duties and working as a riot medic.

Paul then went on to join DIU (the divisional intelligence unit) and worked on undercover drug operations as well as dealing with vehicle crime for the city and anything else that caught his eye.
During his police career Paul was twice given bravery awards in the form of divisional congratulations.

Paul eventually left the police for a high-profile security job in the US which fell through, leaving him working freelance security in the UK.
He now works in the defence industry and occasionally gets time to write!

While in the police, Paul met Peter James and soon the two became firm friends, Paul helping Peter as an adviser on his Roy Grace series on novels.

Outside of work and writing, Paul has studied white crane kungfu for about a dozen years on and off, and lives in Brighton which he loves and hates with a passion. Wherever he goes in the city he is reminded of a job that he attended, a person he arrested or a crime scene he worked, which is why he writes about the place with such vigour and realism.

To see more of Paul's work including some of his police memoirs.

Genres: Mystery
PC Gareth Bell
1. The Follow (2012)