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Vaseem Khan first saw an elephant lumbering down the middle of the road in 1997 when he arrived in India to work as a consultant. It was the most unusual thing he'd ever encountered and served as the inspiration...

Genres: Cozy Mystery, Historical Mystery
Series contributed to
Anthologies edited
Shamus Awards Best Paperback original winner (2017) : The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown
Shamus Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2018) : The Strange Disappearance of a Bollywood Star

Vaseem Khan recommends
Arrowood (2017)
(Arrowood Mystery, book 1)
Mick Finlay
"A book with enough warmth, charm, humour, and intrigue to signal the start of an excellent new series."
The Missing Guests of the Magic Grove Hotel (2017)
(Ethical Chiang Mai Detective Agency, book 2)
David Casarett
"A charming mystery...a delight."
In Strangers' Houses (2018)
(Lena Szarka mystery, book 1)
Elizabeth Mundy
"A warmly-crafted crime debut, perfect for our multicultural age."
The Death Knock (2018)
Elodie Harper
"Elodie Harper employs her journalistic background to great effect by breathing life into her gritty news reporter protagonist as she pursues a terrifying serial killer in East Anglia. Frankie's investigations lead her into increasing levels of danger including the menacing attentions of a rabidly misogynistic blogger, a warped advocate of the so-called men's rights movement. A highly-charged and topical thriller."
This Green and Pleasant Land (2019)
Ayisha Malik
"At the heart of this book lies the simple question: who decides to who and what we belong? This is Malik's best work to date - satirical, controversial, knowing and essential."
End of Summer (2020)
(Seasons Quartet , book 1)
Anders De La Motte
"A Swedish-set crime thriller for fans of the hugely successful CWA Gold Dagger-winning The Dry by Jane Harper . . . A gripping crime novel that moves between two narratives at a terrific clip, populated by vivid characters, with more twists along the way than you can shake a stick at. Crime fiction at its best."
City of Ghosts (2020)
(Revol Rossel, book 1)
Ben Creed
"Gripping ... with historical heft, plenty of twists along the way, and a uniquely ingenious code left behind by our murderer. An excellent start to a new historical crime series."
Everything Is Beautiful (2021)
Eleanor Ray
"A gently absorbing entry into the mystery-uplit canon."
The Khan (2021)
Saima Mir
"Saima Mir’s debut, The Khan, traces its lineage to such classics as Mario Puzo’s seminal work The Godfather: it is the story of a British Asian woman hailing from an organised crime family, the daughter of a first generation immigrant, who rejects the family business but is ultimately pulled into the vacuum left by her father’s death. Mir’s novel pulls no punches, taking aim at cultural stereotypes, sacred cows, and the attitudes and morality of the community within which the story is based. The book operates on various levels: crime family saga, character study, and an exploration of clan-run organised crime. A sterling debut."
The Waiter (2021)
(Detective Kamil Rahman, book 1)
Ajay Chowdhury
"The Waiter is a heady mix of murder, intrigue and all things Indian. Weaving together a dual narrative with aplomb, Ajay Chowdhury's neatly-drawn detective Kamil Rahman relives his failure to solve the murder of a Bollywood A-lister in Kolkata whilst trying to solve the killing of an Indian industrialist in London. Could the two murders be connected? An accomplished crime debut that offers something a little different."
The Blood Divide (2021)
A A Dhand
"Opens with a bang and continues with a thrill-a-minute adventure . . . A. A. Dhand knows how to keep me up into the early hours."
Remember My Name (2022)
Sam Blake
"Combines cybercrime, infidelity, industrial subterfuge and murder, weaving a twisty, free-flowing tale that accelerates to a tub-thumping conclusion."
Dead Rich (2022)
G W Shaw
"Set on a luxury yacht, Dead Rich charts a twisty course between murder, lies, and the dark deeds of oligarchs. A fresh, high-octane take on the ever-popular adventure thriller genre."
Better the Blood (2022)
(Hana Westerman, book 1)
Michael Bennett
"Better the Blood touches on themes that have become increasingly urgent in recent years including the far-reaching impacts of colonialism and the often uneasy integration of identity and heritage into modern multicultural society. A tensely plotted, gritty crime novel that has the courage to force us all to rethink our relationship with the past."
In the Blink of an Eye (2023)
Jo Callaghan
"Jo Callaghan makes her entry into the crowded police procedural genre with a fresh take on the buddy-buddy cop trope. In the Blink of an Eye predicts the near future when police officers and their AI counterparts will work hand-in-holographic-hand. The human-AI interactions between the lead protagonists as they pursue their quarry are illuminating and, at times, hilarious. Provocative and compelling. A TV series seems a certainty."
Needless Alley (2023)
(William Garrett)
Natalie Marlow
"From its claustrophobic descriptions of Birmingham's darker corners to revelations of the seedier proclivities of the rich and powerful, Needless Alley offers a gripping portrait of 1930s England, a country where Blackshirts and fascism have entered the national psyche. William Garrett - dour, dark, and damaged - is a man of principle in an unprincipled vocation. A meditative and wonderfully written historical crime debut."
You Can Run (2023)
Trevor Wood
"Begins at the speed of a runaway train. A propulsive page-turner."
Death Under a Little Sky (2023)
Stig Abell
"Stig Abell's love of the genre shines through in his crime fiction debut, Death Under a Little Sky. The narrative follows a city detective who quits the force and moves to a rural idyll at the termination of a troubled marriage. But fate never leaves a good detective in peace, and he soon finds himself investigating a possible local murder. An atmospheric, often meditative, and beautifully written crime novel."
The Dog Sitter Detective (2023)
(Dog Sitter Detective, book 1)
Antony Johnston
"A country house, a body in the library and a dog-loving sleuth...Simply delightful!."

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