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Grace Livingston Hill's picture

Grace Livingston Hill

USA flag (1865 - 1947)

aka Marcia Macdonald

Grace Livingston Hill was born to a Presbyterian minister, Charles Montgomery Livingston, and his wife Marcia Macdonald Livingston, both of whom were writers as was Hill's aunt Isabella Macdonald Alden, in Wellsville, New York. Hill was an early 20th century novelist and wrote both under her own name and the pseudonym 'Marcia Macdonald'. She was immensely popular during her lifetime and wrote over 100 novels and numerous short stories. Her characters were most often young female ingénues, frequently strong Christian women or those who become so within the confines of the story.
The Chatauqua Idyle (1887)
The Parkerstown Delegate (1892)
In the Way (1897)
Lone Point (1898)
A Daily Rate (1900)
The Angel of His Presence (1902)
An Unwilling Guest (1902)
According to the Pattern (1903)
The Story of a Whim (1903)
Because of Stephen (1904)
The Girl from Montana (1908)
Marcia Schuyler (1908)
Phoebe Deane (1909)
Aunt Crete's Emancipation (1911)
Dawn of the Morning (1911)
The Mystery of Mary (1912)
Lo, Michael! (1913)
The Best Man (1914)
The Man of the Desert (1914)
Miranda (1915)
The Obsession of Victoria Gracen (1915)
The Finding of Jasper Holt (1916)
A Voice in the Wilderness (1916)
The Enchanted Barn (1917)
The Witness (1917)
The Red Signal (1919)
The Search (1919)
Cloudy Jewel (1920)
Exit Betty (1920)
The Tryst (1921)
The City of Fire (1922)
Ariel Custer (1923)
The Big Blue Soldier (1923)
Tomorrow About This Time (1923)
Not Under the Law (1924)
Re-Creations (1924)
A New Name (1925)
Coming Through the Rye (1926)
The Prodigal Girl (1926)
The Honor Girl (1927) (as by Marcia Macdonald)
Job's Niece (1927)
The White Flower (1927)
Blue Ruin (1928)
Crimson Roses (1928)
Found Treasure (1928) (as by Marcia Macdonald)
Duskin (1929)
Out of the Storm (1929) (as by Marcia Macdonald)
Ladybird (1930)
The White Lady (1930) (as by Marcia Macdonald)
The Chance of a Lifetime (1931)
Kerry (1931)
Silver Wings (1931)
April Gold (1932)
Beggarman (1932)
The Challengers (1932)
Happiness Hill (1932)
Her Wedding Garment (1932)
House Across the Hedge (1932)
The Patch of Blue (1932)
Rose Galbraith (1932)
The Story of the Lost Star (1932)
The Beloved Stranger (1933)
Matched Pearls (1933)
The Ransom (1933)
Amorelle (1934)
The Christmas Bride (1934)
Rainbow Cottage (1934)
Beauty for Ashes (1935)
Life Out of Death (1935)
Old Guard (1935)
The Strange Proposal (1935)
The Street of the City (1935)
Sunrise (1935)
White Orchids (1935)
Mystery Flowers (1936)
The Substitute Guest (1936)
Brentwood (1937)
Daphne Dean (1937)
The Best Birthday (1938)
Divided Battle (1938)
Homing (1938)
Lost Message (1938)
Marigold (1938)
Maris (1938)
Patricia (1939)
The Seventh Hour (1939)
Stranger Within the Gates (1939)
Head of the House (1940)
Partners (1940)
Astra (1941)
By Way of the Silverthorns (1941)
In Tune with Wedding Bells (1941)
Crimson Mountain (1942)
The Sound of the Trumpet (1943)
Spice Box (1943)
Through These Fires (1943)
More Than Conqueror (1944)
All Through the Night (1945)
A Girl to Come Home to (1945)
Bright Arrows (1946)
Where Two Ways Met (1946)
Mary Arden (1948)
Morning Is for Joy (1976)
The Honeymoon House (1984)
The Love Gift (1984)
Katharine's Yesterday (1987)
Personal Influence (1988)




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