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John Creasey's picture

John Creasey

UK flag (1908 - 1973)

aka Gordon Ashe, M E Cooke, Norman Deane, Robert Caine Frazer, Patrick Gill, Michael Halliday, Charles Hogarth, Brian Hope, Colin Hughes, Kyle Hunt, Abel Mann, Peter Manton, J J Marric, Richard Martin, Rodney Mattheson, Anthony Morton, Jeremy York

John Creasey (September 17, 1908 - June 9, 1973) was born in Southfields, Surrey, England and died in New Hall, Bodenham, Salisbury Wiltshire, England. He was the seventh of nine children in a working class home. He became an English author of crime thrillers, published in excess of 600 books under 20+ different pseudonyms. He invented many famous characters who would appear in a whole series of novels. Probably the most famous of these is Gideon of Scotland Yard, the basis for the television program Gideon's Way but others include Department Z, Dr. Palfrey, The Toff, Inspector Roger West, and The Baron (which was also made into a television series). In 1962, Creasey won an Edgar Award for Best Novel, from the Mystery Writers of America, for Gideon's Fire, written under the pen name J. J. Marric. And in 1969 he was given the MWA's highest honor, the Grand Master Award.

1. Introducing the Toff (1938)
2. The Toff Goes On (1939)
3. The Toff Steps Out (1939)
4. Here Comes the Toff (1940)
5. The Toff Breaks In (1940)
6. Salute the Toff (1941)
7. The Toff Proceeds (1941)
8. The Toff Goes to Market (1942)
9. The Toff Is Back (1942)
10. The Toff Among Millions (1943)
11. Accuse the Toff (1943)
12. The Toff and the Curate (1944)
     aka The Toff and the Deadly Parson
13. The Toff and the Great Illusion (1944)
14. Feathers for the Toff (1945)
15. The Toff and the Lady (1946)
16. The Toff on Ice (1946)
     aka Poison for The Toff
17. Hammer the Toff (1947)
18. The Toff in Town (1947)
19. The Toff Takes Shares (1948)
20. The Toff and Old Harry (1949)
21. The Toff on Board (1949)
22. Fool the Toff (1950)
23. Kill the Toff (1950)
24. A Knife for the Toff (1951)
25. The Toff Goes Gay (1951)
     aka A Mask for the Toff
26. Hunt the Toff (1952)
27. Call the Toff (1953)
28. The Toff Down Under (1953)
     aka Break the Toff
29. Murder Out of the Past (1953)
30. The Toff at Butlin's (1954)
31. The Toff at the Fair (1954)
     aka Last Laugh For The Toff
32. A Six for the Toff (1955)
     aka A Score for the Toff
33. The Toff and the Deep Blue Sea (1955)
34. Make-Up for the Toff (1956)
     aka Kiss the Toff
35. The Toff in New York (1956)
36. Model for the Toff (1957)
37. The Toff on Fire (1957)
38. The Toff and the Stolen Tresses (1958)
39. The Toff on the Farm (1958)
     aka Terror for the Toff
40. Double for the Toff (1959)
41. The Toff and the Runaway Bride (1959)
42. A Rocket for the Toff (1960)
43. The Toff and the Kidnapped Child (1960)
44. Follow the Toff (1961)
45. The Toff and the Teds (1961)
     aka The Toff and the Toughs
46. A Doll for the Toff (1959)
47. Leave It to the Toff (1962)
48. The Toff and the Spider (1965)
49. The Toff in Wax (1966)
50. A Bundle for the Toff (1967)
51. Stars for the Toff (1968)
52. The Toff and the Golden Boy (1969)
53. The Toff and the Fallen Angels (1970)
54. Vote for the Toff (1971)
55. The Toff and the Trip-Trip-Triplets (1972)
56. The Toff and the Terrified Taxman (1973)
57. The Toff and the Sleepy Cowboy (1974)
58. The Toff and the Crooked Copper (1977)
59. The Toff and the Dead Man's Finger (1978)



Inspector West
1. Inspector West Takes Charge (1942)
2. Inspector West Leaves Town (1943)
     aka Go Away to Murder
3. Inspector West at Home (1944)
4. Inspector West Regrets (1945)
5. Holiday for Inspector West (1946)
6. Battle for Inspector West (1948)
7. Triumph for Inspector West (1948)
     aka The Case Against Paul Raeburn
8. Inspector West Kicks Off (1949)
     aka Sport for Inspector West
9. Inspector West Alone (1950)
10. Inspector West Cries Wolf (1950)
     aka The Creepers
11. A Case for Inspector West (1951)
     aka The Figure in the Dusk
12. Puzzle for Inspector West (1951)
     aka The Dissemblers
13. Inspector West at Bay (1952)
     aka The Blind Spot
14. A Gun for Inspector West (1953)
     aka Give a Man a Gun
15. Send Inspector West (1953)
     aka Send Superintendent West
16. A Beauty for Inspector West (1954)
     aka The Beauty Queen Killer
17. Inspector West Makes Haste (1955)
     aka The Gelignite Gang
18. Two for Inspector West (1955)
     aka Murder: One, Two, Three
19. Parcels for Inspector West (1956)
     aka Death of a Postman
20. A Prince for Inspector West (1956)
     aka Death of a Assassin
21. Accident for Inspector West (1957)
     aka Hit and Run
22. Find Inspector West (1957)
     aka The Trouble at Saxby's
23. Murder, London - New York (1958)
24. Strike for Death (1958)
     aka The Killing Strike
25. Death of a Racehorse (1959)
26. The Case of the Innocent Victims (1959)
27. Murder on the Line (1960)
28. Death in Cold Print (1961)
29. The Scene of the Crime (1961)
30. Policeman's Dread (1962)
31. Hang the Little Man (1963)
32. Look Three Ways at Murder (1964)
33. Murder, London - Australia (1965)
34. Murder, London - South Africa (1966)
35. The Executioners (1967)
36. So Young to Burn (1968)
37. Murder, London - Miami (1969)
38. A Part for a Policeman (1970)
39. Alibi (1971)
     aka Alibi for Inspector West
40. A Splinter of Glass (1972)
41. The Theft of Magna Carta (1973)
42. The Extortioners (1974)
43. A Sharp Rise in Crime (1978)



Mark Kilby (as by Robert Caine Frazer)
1. R.I.S.C. (1959)
     aka Mark Kilby Solves a Murder
2. Secret Syndicate (1960)
     aka Mark Kilby and the Secret Syndicate
3. The Miami Mob (1960)
     aka Mark Kilby and the Miami Mob
4. The Hollywood Hoax (1961)
5. Mark Kilby Takes a Risk (1962)
6. Mark Kilby Stands Alone (1962)
     aka Mark Kilby and the Manhattan Murders
The Dark Shadow (as by Rodney Mattheson)
The Secret of Ferrars (as by Rodney Mattheson)
Seven Times Seven (1932)
Men, Maids and Murder (1933)
The Fighting Footballers (1937) (as by Patrick Gill)
The Laughing Lightweight (1937) (as by Patrick Gill)
Four Motives for Murder (1938) (as by Brian Hope)
The 10,000 Trophy Race (1939) (as by Patrick Gill)
The Battle for the Cup (1939) (as by Patrick Gill)
The Fighting Tramp (1939) (as by Patrick Gill)
The Mystery of the Centre-Forward (1939) (as by Patrick Gill)
The Secret Super-Charger (1940) (as by Patrick Gill)
Triple Murder (1940) (as by Colin Hughes)
Murder on Largo Island (1944) (as by Charles Hogarth)
Keys to Crime (1947) (as by Richard Martin)
Vote to Murder (1948) (as by Richard Martin)
Adrian and Jonathan (1954) (as by Richard Martin)
Kill Once, Kill Twice (1957) (as by Kyle Hunt)
The Children of Despair (1958)
Kill a Wicked Man (1958) (as by Kyle Hunt)
Kill My Love (1959) (as by Kyle Hunt)
The Mountain of the Blind (1960)
To Kill a Killer (1960) (as by Kyle Hunt)
The Foothills of Fear (1961)
Danger Woman (1966) (as by Abel Mann)
The Masters of Bow Street (1972)

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