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Elsie Lee

(Elsie Lee Sheridan)
USA flag (1912 - 1987)

aka Elsie Cromwell, Norman Daniels, Jane Gordon, Lee Sheridan
   Cast the First Stone (1963) (as by Norman Daniels)
   Comedy of Terrors (1964) (with Richard Matheson)
   The Masque of the Red Death (1964)
   Muscle Beach Party (1964)
   Clouds Over Vellanti (1965)
     aka Violence in Italy
   Dark Moon, Lost Lady (1965)
   Mistress of Mount Fair (1965) (as by Jane Gordon)
   Two Hearts Apart (1965) (as by Jane Gordon)
     aka Season of Evil
   The Curse of Carranca (1966)
     aka The Second Romance
   The Drifting Sands (1966)
   Mansion of Golden Windows (1966)
   Sinister Abbey (1967)
     aka Romance on the Rhine
   The Spy at the Villa Miranda (1967)
     aka Unhappy Parting
   Doctor's Office (1968)
   Barrow Sinister (1969)
     aka Romantic Assignment
   The Governess (1969) (as by Elsie Cromwell)
   Satan's Coast (1969)
   The Diplomatic Lover (1971)
   Silence Is Golden (1971)
   Star of Danger (1971)
   Wingarden (1971)
   The Passions of Medora Graeme (1972)
   Second Season (1973)
   The Wicked Guardian (1973)
   Mystery Castle (1973)
   Prior Betrothal (1973)
   An Eligible Connection (1974)
   The Nabob's Widow (1976)
   Roommates (1976)
   Fulfillment (1985)
   Hard Pressed (1995) (as by Jane Gordon)
   Stepford Husbands (1996) (as by Jane Gordon)
   My Fair Man (1998) (as by Jane Gordon)
   Misconceptions (2002) (as by Jane Gordon)
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