Elliott James

An army brat and gypsy scholar, ELLIOTT JAMES is currently living in the blueridge mountains of southwest Virginia. An avid reader since the age of three (or that's what his family swears anyhow), he has an abiding interest in mythology, martial arts, live music, hiking, and used bookstores. Irrationally convinced that cellphone technology was inserted into human culture by aliens who want to turn us into easily tracked herd beasts, Elliott has one anyhow but keeps it in a locked tinfoil covered box which he will sometimes sit and stare at mistrustfully for hours. Okay, that was a lie. Elliott lies a lot; in fact, he decided to become a writer so that he could get paid for it.

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Fantasy
Pax Arcana
   1. Charming (2013)
   2. Daring (2014)
   3. Fearless (2015)
   4. In Shining Armor (2016)
   5. Legend Has It (2017)
   Medley of Fairy Tales (2017) (with Allison Brown, Jenni James, Jenna Madsen and Marla Workman)
   Medley of Fairy Tales and Fables (2018) (with Allison Brown, Lawrence Gardner, Jenni James, Jenna Madsen, C R Truitt and Marla Workman)
Elliott James recommends
Strange Practice (2017)
(Dr. Greta Helsing, book 1)
Vivian Shaw
"A satisfying and surprising read, with rich imagery, nuance, and real compassion for its characters - give Strange Practice a shot!"

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