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Forensic psychologist by day, novelist by night, Ellery Kane has been writing--professionally and creatively--for as long as she can remember. Just like many of her main characters, Ellery loves to ask why, which is the reason she became a psychologist in the first place. Real life really is stranger than fiction, and Ellery's writing is often inspired by her day job. Evaluating violent criminals and treating trauma victims, she has gained a unique perspective on the past and its indelible influence on the individual. And she's heard her fair share of real life thrillers. An avid short story writer as a teenager, Ellery recently began writing for enjoyment again, and she hasn't stopped since. 

Ellery's debut novel, Legacy, has received several awards, including winning the Gold Medal in the Independent Publisher Book Awards, young adult, e-book category, and the Gold Medal in The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards, teenage category. In 2016, Ellery was selected as one of ten semifinalists in the MasterClass James Patterson Co-Author Competition.

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Genres: Mystery, Young Adult Fantasy
   1. Legacy (2014)
   2. Prophecy (2015)
   3. Revelation (2016)
Doctors of Darkness
   1. Daddy Darkest (2017)
   2. The Hanging Tree (2018)
   3. The First Cut (2018)
   4. Shadows Among Us (2019)
   5. Lucky Girl (2021)
Rockwell and Decker
   1. Watch Her Vanish (2020)
   2. Her Perfect Bones (2021)
   3. One Child Alive (2021)
   The House Sitter (2022)
   The Good Wife (2022)
   The Wrong Family (2023)

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