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Kevin Kwan

Kevin Kwan was born in Singapore and currently lives in Manhattan.

Genres: General Fiction
Kevin Kwan recommends
The People We Hate at the Wedding (2017)
Grant Ginder
"Not only does it have the best title in the universe, The People We Hate At The Wedding is wickedly smart and shamelessly funny."
The Misfortune of Marion Palm (2017)
Emily Culliton
"One of the funniest debut novels I've had the good fortune to read."
Polite Society (2018)
Mahesh Rao
"So funny, smart, sophisticated and captivating, you just want to spend your whole life with it."
Lurkers (2021)
Sandi Tan
"How is Lurkers simultaneously hilarious and horrifying? I’ll tell you how: PURE GENIUS. Sandi Tan populates Santa Claus Lane, her leafy corner of suburban LA, with such viscerally original characters that I found myself laughing at their outrageousness while nodding at their familiar humanity. Every page of this wildly original book is a surprise and a delight."
How to Kidnap the Rich (2021)
Rahul Raina
"Rahul Raina's voice crackles with wit and the affecting exuberance of youth. His ripping good story grabs you on page one and doesn't let go, taking you on a monstrously funny and unpredictable wild ride through a thousand different Delhis at top speed. How To Kidnap the Rich roars with brilliance, freshness and so much heart."
Songs in Ursa Major (2021)
Emma Brodie
"I’ve never read a book that so uniquely captures the experience of creativity and the shimmering coolness of being in a recording studio as music history is made. Emma Brodie perfectly channels the languorous romance of the time and the beautiful struggle of an artistic soul trying to break free. So many of the passages throughout Songs in Ursa Major are such pure poetry, I got chills as I read them. I could drink a case of this book, and I’d still be on my feet."

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