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Steven Rowley has worked as a freelance writer, newspaper columnist, and screenwriter. Originally from Portland, Maine, he is a graduate of Emerson College. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his boyfriend and their dog. Lily and the Octopus is his first novel.

Genres: General Fiction
Steven Rowley recommends
Daisy Jones & The Six (2019)
Taylor Jenkins Reid
"Raw, emotive, and addictively voyeuristic, Daisy Jones & The Six is imbued with the same anguished heart that fuels the very best rock 'n' roll. Like my favorite albums, this book will live with me for a very long time."
I Know You Know Who I Am (2020)
Peter Kispert
"Cuts right to the bone with startling observation: we obfuscate because to be seen, truly seen, is to risk everything. And yet, this remarkably assured collection leaves it all on the page with startling honesty for us – the reader – to see."
And They Called It Camelot (2020)
Stephanie Marie Thornton
"Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis leaves an enduring (and intimidating) legacy; for a writer, finding something new and meaningful to say about her is a daunting task. Thornton harnesses her immense talent for historical fiction and combines it with a biographer's immersive research to create a rich portrait that is both intimate and thoughtful while also wildly addictive. I tore through these pages and you will too. Thornton gifts her readers with a fresh appreciation for the indomitable woman behind the iconic sunglasses."
Broken People (2020)
Sam Lansky
"An epic journey of self-forgiveness that confronts us with the ways in which we're all broken, then, with the assured hand of a most talented writer, conjures the healing magic within. A mesmerizing read."
Eliza Starts a Rumor (2020)
Jane L Rosen
"A swift, satisfying page-turner that deftly employs a rumor to underscore the redemptive power of the truth. Rosen writes vibrant characters with her trademark humor and compassion. A perfect summer read."
The Bright Side Sanctuary for Animals (2020)
Becky Mandelbaum
"A story of reconciliation and forgiveness (and so many animals!) in the assured hand of a writer who understands that the hardest journeys we undertake are the ones in search of home."
The Big Door Prize (2020)
M O Walsh
"Part mystery, all charm. The big prize here is for readers: a heartwarming and eccentric page-turner in the grand tradition of Southern literature that will keep you wondering until the very end. Walsh writes his characters with great respect to prove we're never too old to discover new things about ourselves."
Better Luck Next Time (2021)
Julia Claiborne Johnson
"Julia Claiborne Johnson's real skill is a literary sleight of hand: creating humorous characters with big hearts, then using them to deliver a story with a surprising emotional wallop. There were tears from heartbreak and joy! My face still hurts from smiling."
Burn It All Down (2021)
Nicolas DiDomizio
"Hell hath no fury like a mother AND son scorned. Except in Nicolas DiDomizio’s capable hands, fiery anger is the spark for forgiveness, growth, self-acceptance, and deep connection. A fast, fun, and unforgettable debut."
Take What You Can Carry (2021)
Gian Sardar
"Timely, romantic, and thrilling from start to finish, Gian Sardar crafts a story with great beauty and heartbreak, reminding us the harder we work to truly know one another, the better we come to understand ourselves. Those of us who love books know this is exactly why we read."
Everyone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead (2021)
Emily Austin
"Everyone in this book will touch your heart. Austin's writing is spare yet exciting, each page sparkles with keen observation about the fleeting nature of life, yes, but also our profound ability to make lasting impact on those around us. I already can't wait to read what she writes next."
The Perfume Thief (2021)
Timothy Schaffert
"For the perfume to work, the wearer has to believe what I tell them. And you, too, will believe every word from the unforgettable Clementine, the perfumer and thief who shares her breathtaking story with dazzling notes that seduce over time. Like the very best fragrances, this book lingers on all of your senses, continuing to enchant, long after the final page. A truly remarkable tale."
Shoulder Season (2021)
Christina Clancy
"I tore through this vibrant coming-of-age tale of small-town girls seduced by a new life of sex and glitter just miles from their quiet Wisconsin towns. Clancy’s vulnerable characters come roaring to life in full eighties glamour, before spiraling toward a central tragedy that will define their adult lives and the very definition of home."
When We Were Young (2021)
Richard Roper
"Roper possesses a wry and formidable wit. But his real gift is the ability to infuse that humor with such immense heart that it becomes the path for an uplifting and redemptive journey. I loved this book."
The Paris Bookseller (2022)
Kerri Maher
"Dazzling like Paris, rich and immersive like the work it celebrates, and bursting with heart and passion like every great bookstore, The Paris Bookseller is a dream for book lovers from start to finish."
Red Thread of Fate (2022)
Lyn Liao Butler
"A heartfelt contemplation on the course of our lives - what is fate, what is the result of the choices we make - coupled with a central mystery that will keep you reading late into the night. It seems Lyn Liao Butler's fate is to entertain with absorbing stories and compelling characters that linger long after the final page."
Sedating Elaine (2022)
Dawn Winter
"Sedating Elaine is a tasty caffeinated jolt that grabs you from page one and races you to a surprisingly moving conclusion - I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Dawn Winter's dazzling wit is beautifully coupled with a natural ability to explore difficult themes like loss and forgiveness. A winning debut."
Jackie and Me (2022)
Louis Bayard
"A loving and romantic look at an unlikely friendship told with a playful command of language that feels as effortless as it is exciting. Bayard possesses a singular wit and deftly uses it to give fresh insight into even his best-known characters. I never wanted it to end."
Just by Looking at Him (2022)
Ryan O'Connell
"With his singular voice and unforgettable wit, O'Connell movingly explores how our messiest moments can lead to radical self-acceptance. Elliott's journey may be his own, but what he discovers about the absurdity of the human condition is universal."
The Witches of Moonshyne Manor (2022)
Bianca Marais
"Picture it. Critchley Hackle, 2021. A group of older women living together to share expenses and lean on each other. Sound familiar? But with these delightful witchy equivalent of The Golden Girls, it's not just the cheesecake that has healing powers."
Jacqueline in Paris (2022)
Ann Mah
"It is 1949. A young Jacqueline Bouvier has a year to find herself while studying abroad, and in Mah's talented hands, readers find themselves captivated. Jacqueline in Paris beautifully captures the soul of a city as well as the spirit of a remarkable woman."

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