Robert Kammen

USA flag (b.1931)

Robert Kammen was born and raised in the Greenbush, Minnesota area in 1931. After high school, he pursued his interest in Agriculture and graduated with degree from the University of Minnesota/Crookston. During the Korean War, he served in the U.S. Army Infantry and separated shortly after the end with an honorable discharge.

He joined the U.S. Postal Service, and soon moved up the administrative ranks to Postmaster. While still engaged as a civilian with his vocation, he took on an added responsibility with the United States Marine Corps involving their humanitarian projects during the Vietnam War, the peacekeeping mission in Lebanon with the 22nd Marine Amphibious Division, and also the outbreak of hostilities in the Middle East. These projects involved helping orphaned and displaced children by airlifting supplies to these war zones where the Marines would distribute the life saving supplies. He reported to and received orders directly from Commandant of the Marine Corps., General P.X. Kelley.

Robert is the author of 45 books which were published by Random House, Harper/Collins, Kensington, Blue Feather Press, AWA and Cloud Peak Publishing.

Several new books are being released by in Kindle eBook form. They are, The Moon Bouncers, A Jihad Christmas, An Alien Conspiracy, The Watcher, The Crimson Sombrero, and Seedlings: Children of the Dark Eternals.

His latest, a detective thriller entitled TOP SKY, is available in Kindle eBook form and is now being considered for a weekly TV series - Annie Skye, a Native American warrior turned deadly lawyer returns to Wyoming to defend a nephew on death row and brings with her as part of her luggage, a former Mafia hit-man remanded to her on parole.

Robert has three children, several grandchildren, and one great grandson.

Genres: Western
   The Watcher (1985)
   Devil's Ford (1987)
   Long Henry (1987)
   Wyoming Gunsmoke (1988)
   Montana Showdown (1988)
   Winter of the Blue Snow (1988)
   Death Rides the Rockies (1988)
   Gunsmoke at Hanging Creek (1989)
   The Widow Makers (1989)
   Guns Along the Yellowstone (1989)
   Wind River Kill (1990)
   High Plains Wanderers (1990)
   Killing Day at Squaw Gap (1990)
   Montana Rimfire (1991)
   Big Horn Hellriders (1991)
   The Oklahombres (1991)
   Soldiers Falling Into Camp (1992)
   Bloody Dakota Summer (1992)
   The Guns of Kid LaDuke (1993)
   Five Crossings (1993)
   Rattlers Roost (1994)
   Showdown at Lonetree (1994)
   The Elkhorn Marauders (1994)
   The Bullet (1994)
   One Bloody Sunday (1995)
   Outside the Law (1995)
   The Jinglebob Man (1995)
   The Crimson Sombrero (2012) (with Jaime Kammen)
   The Moon Bouncers (2012) (with Suzanne Marie Roll)
   The Alien Conspiracy (2012) (with Robert Stuart Jones)
   A Jihad Christmas (2012)
   Top Sky (2012) (with Jacquie Cook)
   Beware of the Whispering Grass (2017) (with Suzanne Marie Roll)
   High Country Justice (2017) (with Suzzane M Roll)
   Outlaws & Lawman (2018) (with Suzanne Marie Roll)
   Night of the Killer Moon (2018) (with Suzanne Marie Roll)
   No Stranger To Hard Times (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
   One Bloody Day (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
   The Texan and the Black Widow (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
   Trail of the Long Riders (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
   The Little Missouri Breaks (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
   Secret Of The Seven Skulls (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
   Starlight's Quest (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
   One Sin Too Many (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
   Redeemed Glory (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
   Warbonnet (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
   Mistletoes and Murder (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
   Rings in Time (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
   Annie Top Skye: Big City Attorney Returning To Her Roots (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
   Coop's War (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
   The Cuban Affair (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
   The Marauders (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
   Stone-Hearted Gun (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
   U.S. Marshal Heck Thomas: Smoking Guns (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
   Gunsmith: The Silent Witness (2018) (with Suzanne Roll)
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