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Geoffrey Trease

UK flag (1909 - 1998)

Geoffrey Trease full name Robert Geoffrey Trease, was a prolific writer, publishing 113 books between 1934 (Bows Against the Barons) and 1997 (Cloak for a Spy). His work has been translated into 20 languages. His grandfather was a historian. He was one of the main influences towards Trease's work.

Bows Against the Barons (1934)
Comrades for the Charter (1934)
The Christmas Holiday Mystery (1937)
Mystery on the Moors (1937)
Detectives of the Dales (1938)
In the Land of the Mogul (1938)
Such Divinity (1939)
Cue For Treason (1940)
Only Natural (1940)
The Grey Adventurer (1942)
The Italian Story (1946)
Trumpets in the West (1947)
The Hills of Varna (1948)
The Crown of Violet (1952)
The New House at Hardale (1953)
The Mystery of Moorside Farm (1955)
Word to Caesar (1956)
Snared Nightingale (1957)
Mist Over Athelney (1958)
So Wild the Heart (1959)
Maythorn Story (1960)
Thunder of Valmy (1960)
Change at Maythorn (1963)
Follow my Black Plume (1963)
Seven Stages (1964)
The Dutch are Coming (1965)
Bent Is the Bow (1967)
The White Nights of St Petersburg (1967)
The Seven Queens of England (1968)
Condottieri (1970)
Masque for the Queen (1970)
Horseman on the Hills (1971)
The Red Towers of Granada (1972)
The Barons' Hostage (1973)
The Chocolate Boy (1975)
The Iron Tsar (1975)
The Seas of Morning (1976)
Claws of the Eagle (1977)
The Field of the Forty Footsteps (1977)
Mandeville (1980)
Popinjay Stairs (1982)
The Cormorant Venture (1984)
Tomorrow is a Stranger (1987)
The Arpino Assignment (1988)
A Flight of Angels (1988)
Hidden Treasure (1989)
Shadow Under the Sea (1990)
The Calabrian Quest (1990)
Aunt Augusta's Elephant (1991)
Song for a Tattered Flag (1992)
The Popinjay Mystery (1993)
Fire on the Wind (1993)
Bring Out the Banners (1994)
No Horn at Midnight (1994)
Curse on the Sea (1996)
Danger in the Wings (1997)
Mission to Marathon (1997)
Cloak for a Spy (1997)



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