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Sophie Masson

Australia (b.1959)

Sophie Masson was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, to French parents. She has spent most of her life going back and forth between Australia and France. Author of 28 novels, for adults, teenagers and children, she has been published in Australia, the US and Italy as well as the UK. She has been shortlisted for many awards, and has written for stage and radio as well as for newspapers, magazines and literary journals. Still fluently bilingual, she frequently returns to France to visit family. She lives in New South Wales, Australia, with her husband and three children.

Genres: Children's Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy
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Sophie Masson recommends
Ferren and the White Doctor (2001)
(Heaven And Earth Trilogy, book 2)
Richard Harland
"Exuberance, excitement and a growing sense of romance mark this wonderful sequel to Ferren and the Angel."

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