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Suzy Krause is a Canadian writer and music lover. Like Valencia, she has worked as a debt collector, and like Mrs. Valentine, she likes to tell stories. She writes about her life at Valencia and Valentine is her first novel.

Genres: General Fiction
Suzy Krause recommends
Confessions of a Curious Bookseller (2021)
Elizabeth Green
"Confessions of a Curious Bookseller is such a rare treat. Readers will love every single colorful character, but especially Fawn Birchill, the eccentric, dramatic, exceedingly human (and hilarious, though she doesn’t mean to be) bookstore owner. A beautiful story of growth, a book to be savored."
The Speed of Light (2021)
Elissa Grossell Dickey
"Gripping, compelling, and real, The Speed of Light is an incredible debut that lets you inside the mind of a woman whose life has been turned upside down, first by a life-changing medical diagnosis, then by an important new relationship, and then by an unimaginable tragedy at her workplace. Dickey weaves together a story that is impossible to put down, and even as it reminds you that your own life could be irrevocably altered at any moment, it is also filled with encouragement, wisdom, and warmth. A book that calls its reader to empathy and bravery."
Darling at the Campsite (2021)
Andy Abramowitz
"Who would’ve thought a book about a funeral could be this funny and hopeful? Abramowitz tells the story of two brothers—one recently drowned, one alive but floundering—with the perfect balance of levity and earnestness. Full of surprises, endearing characters, and Talking Heads references, Darling at the Campsite is part homegoing story, part family drama, and part music nerdfest. Garden State meets High Fidelity, set in the present day. I could not put it down."
For the Love of Friends (2021)
Sara Goodman Confino
"For the Love of Friends is a delightful escape from reality—27 Dresses meets Mean Girls. The perfect mix of hilarious, outrageous, and thoughtful, with a deeply relatable heroine. An unputdownable must-read!"

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