Ben Loory

Ben Loory recommends
Unicorn Battle Squad (2012)
Kirsten Alene
"Somewhere between Kalka and My Little Pony, only even weirder than that sounds."
Behold the Void (2017)
Philip Fracassi
"These stories are scary, yes, but more than that, they’re haunting– they get inside you and they don’t go away."
In the River (2017)
Jeremy Robert Johnson
"The guy's a genius. Reminds me of William Gibson--the dark interest in altered states of consciousness, the unrelentingly furious forward movement, and the same kind of unlimited imagination."
Sip (2017)
Brian Allen Carr
"If this book was a movie I’d go see it again tomorrow; if it was a TV show I’d buy a TV. Brian Allen Carr writes like lightning on the horizon and I’d drink his shadow if I could."