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Sam J. Miller lives in New York City now, but grew up in a small town in upstate New York. He is the last in a long line of butchers. In no particular order, he has also been a film critic, a grocery bagger, a community organizer, a secretary, a painter's assistant and model, and the guitarist in a punk rock band. His fiction has been nominated for the Nebula Award and the Theodore Sturgeon Award, was long-listed for the Hugo Award, and has won the Shirley Jackson Award. He's a graduate of the Clarion Writers Workshop. His husband of fifteen years is a nurse practitioner and is way smarter and handsomer than Sam.

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Young Adult Fiction

Andre Norton Award Best Book winner (2018) : The Art of Starving
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel winner (2019) : Blackfish City

Sam J Miller recommends
Rosewater (2016)
(Wormwood Trilogy, book 1)
Tade Thompson
"You've never been anywhere like Rosewater. And you've never seen an alien invasion like this. Tade Thompson will take you someplace incredible, full of unforgettable characters and deep insight. Rosewater cements his place as one of our our boldest and most exciting new writers."
The Nine (2017)
(Thieves of Fate, book 1)
Tracy Townsend
"George R. R. Martin and China Mieville have nothing on the audacious, intricate world-building, gritty politics, and compelling characters in this excellent debut."
The Nobody People (2019)
(Resonant Duology, book 1)
Bob Proehl
"Smart, exciting, lyrical, and fun. This astonishing book brings the superhero universe of Marvel or DC into our own, with all its rough edges and ugliness. Once you start reading, you won't be able to stop."
A Song for a New Day (2019)
Sarah Pinsker
"A Song for a New Day is a must-read from a new voice you won't forget."
Escaping Exodus (2019)
(Escaping Exodus, book 1)
Nicky Drayden
"Don't be alarmed - that dizzy pleasurable sensation you're experiencing is just your brain slowly exploding from all the wild magnificent worldbuilding in Nicky Drayden's Escaping Exodus. I loved these characters and this story, and so will you."
Crossings (2020)
Alex Landragin
"An exquisite novel. My initial melancholy rage at not having written it myself swiftly transformed into blissful gratitude that it exists at all, and that I am lucky enough to read it. Sure to be one of the biggest literary events of the year."
The Only Good Indians (2020)
Stephen Graham Jones
"Stephen Graham Jones is one of our greatest treasures. His prose here pops and sings, hard-boiled poetry conspiring with heartbreakingly-alive characters."
Every Bone a Prayer (2020)
Ashley Blooms
"There's magic in this book - and pain, and beauty, and horror - but the magic is what will keep you glued to the page, and have your heart singing the whole way."
Architects of Memory (2020)
(Memory War, book 1)
Karen Osborne
"Exciting and scary and fun and smart and sad and moving all at the same time. You need this book in your life."
Unity (2021)
Elly Bangs
"Breakneck pacing, non-stop action, and delightfully-damaged characters combine with some of the most intricate and clever worldbuilding I've seen in ages to make this an incredibly memorable debut."
The Album of Dr. Moreau (2021)
Daryl Gregory
"Reading Daryl Gregory is so much fun you never notice until it's too late that he's got you by the feels, and he's about to squeeze."
Appleseed (2021)
Matt Bell
"Myth meets science; fable confronts existential crisis. In its bountiful prose, gleeful genre-hopping, and the sheer scope of its storytelling, Appleseed points toward hopeful futures for literature—and the planet."
The Body Scout (2021)
Lincoln Michel
"A delirious, thrilling ride. I loved Kobo and his bad habits and broken heart, and his world is so weird and wonderful and packed with eye-popping tech that it's easy to miss how much it has to say about our own."
No Gods, No Monsters (2021)
(No Gods, No Monsters, book 1)
Cadwell Turnbull
"The Lesson was a perfect debut, and this (No Gods No, Monsters) is a perfect second novel. Big and bold and ambitious, packed with everything we need right now: more heart, more monsters, more cooperative solidarity economies."
Summer Sons (2021)
Lee Mandelo
"Hooks you hard and fast from the start, then drags you kicking and screaming and loving it on a twisted backroad nightmare full of bad boys and badder revenants."
The Ghost Sequences (2021)
A C Wise
"A.C Wise's stories set my guts on fire, make my heart hurt and my head spin. I am so grateful for her brave and brilliant work—and for this collection."
Nothing But Blackened Teeth (2021)
Cassandra Khaw
"This book burns and crackles and slithers, its prose as beautiful and deadly as its horror. Cassandra Khaw is a master of the terrifying tale."
The Anomaly (2021)
Hervé Le Tellier
"A uniquely, gloriously, provocatively French contribution to the sci-fi thriller genre - it will keep you guessing, get your heart pounding, and make you feel and wonder and - above all - think."
The Bruising of Qilwa (2022)
Naseem Jamnia
"I adored this city, with its vibrant history and super-fresh magic system, but I loved these astonishing complex vivid characters even more. A fun and fast-paced ride that keeps you guessing all the way (and, yeah, it's tough to grapple with the ugly legacies of empire and oppression and still have fun, but Jamnia pulls it off)."

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