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Philip Fracassi

Genres: Horror
New Books
   The Egotist (1999)
   A Child Alone with Strangers (2022)
   Gothic (2023)
   Don't Let Them Get You Down (2023)
   Boys in the Valley (2023)
   Sarafina (2025)
thumbno image available
   Behold the Void (2017)
   The Nightside Codex (2020) (with others)
   Beneath a Pale Sky (2021)
   Tomorrow's Gone (poems) (2021)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Altar (2016)
   Mother (2016)
   Fragile Dreams (2016)
   Sacculina (2017)
   Shiloh (2018)
   The Rejects (2019)
   Commodore (2021)
   The Boy with the Blue Rose Heart (2022)
Series contributed to
Rewind or Die
   The Midnight Exhibit Vol. 1 (2020) (with others)
Philip Fracassi recommends
Red River Seven (2023)
A J Ryan
"Bird Box meets World War Z in the genre-bending Red River Seven, a madly entertaining amalgam of locked-room mystery, heart-racing thriller, and terror-inducing horror show that will keep you up late into the night and darken your dreams long after you turn the last page."
The Pale House Devil (2023)
Richard Kadrey
"A gleeful, bloody mashup of the occult, haunted houses, monsters, demons, assassins, and the undead. Only Kadrey could tie all these dark tropes together with such self-assured wizardry, carefully adding just enough gooey violence to make you squirm as you read, wondering what new insanity waits for you on the next page. A shot of horror adrenaline!"
Nestlings (2023)
Nat Cassidy
"Nestlings is a living, breathing, bleeding, haunting marvel of storytelling that does more than create skin-crawling terror; it slides beneath the itchy flesh and burrows, tick-like, into your heart . . . Reading this book will fill you with terror and (all-too-human) moments of despair, it will flood your senses with the sweet calling of the dark. But worry not, because Cassidy leaves a pinprick of light within reach, a distant beacon that feels like hope."
Fever House (2023)
Keith Rosson
"Fever House is a punk-apocalyptic horror show with a good heart and bad intentions. The most ferocious, terrifying zombie novel since The Living Dead."
Sister, Maiden, Monster (2023)
Lucy A Snyder
"Sensuous, sinister, and sinewy; a blood-and-brains splattered shotgun-blast romp through the apocalypse that will simultaneously excite and disgust readers with equal pleasure."
The Hollow Kind (2022)
Andy Davidson
"Andy's prose is scrumptious, lofty, and brutal and heartbreaking. The story is all tension and terror."

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