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Philip Fracassi

Genres: Horror

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   Altar (2016)
   Mother (2016)
   Fragile Dreams (2016)
   Sacculina (2017)
   Shiloh (2018)
   The Rejects (2019)
   Commodore (2021)
Philip Fracassi recommends
Malorie (2019)
(Bird Box , book 2)
Josh Malerman
"I can’t remember the last time I had to set a book down because it was too intense for me to continue. And that’s only the halfway point. Once Malerman hits the gas you better hang on tight, because he doesn’t let up until the stunning finish. Malorie is a relentless thriller that will fry your nerves and twist your heart. It’s absolutely brilliant."
The Boatman's Daughter (2020)
Andy Davidson
"Andy Davidson's bone-cracking Southern Gothic, The Boatman's Daughter, is a noir thriller dipped in the dark mud of the bayou, packed with witches, demons, and gods. I was entangled in the dense roots of the story and the rich, aromatic prose from page one. A riveting, powerful, bloody ride you'll never want to leave, despite the dangers within."
The Dark Side of the Room (2020)
Tyler Jones
"What struck me the hardest was the delicate beauty of the telling. There's a tight-wired fragility to the prose, to the story, that creates a sense of both awe and uncertainty. A grisly tale, an ever-so-slow twisting of a knife. A triumphant piece of fiction."
Mr. Cables (2020)
Ronald Malfi
"Mr. Cables is a dangerous little book, and Ronald Malfi is a very dangerous writer. This story creeps up on you like a shadow moving without the help of light; an elegant, probing, psychologically-disturbing fiction that questions the value of our ethics, and the often cold intent of our thoughts. The result is a stirring, unsettling masterwork."
To Dust You Shall Return (2021)
Fred Venturini
"To Dust You Shall Return is a wildly entertaining, mythic-level battle royale fought between a monstrous hitman with a busted spirit and a wanna-be king with supernatural powers. When the two forces collide on the small-town stage of Harlow, blood bursts from the dust like geysers and you can hear the bones snapping from outer space. Venturini has created a modern-day clash of the titans, an epic tale of revenge that’s more Penny Dreadful than Homer and has the body count to prove it. A masterful tour-de-force of violence and terror; a gruesome, gory reveal of the dark which lies hidden deep within the meat of the human heart."
Screams From the Dark (2022)
Ellen Datlow
"Screams From the Dark brings together some of the boldest voices in horror to create a shrieking chorus that will echo in your mind long after you've closed the book. There is a darkness in these pages that leaks out and shows you worlds you never dreamed possible. Not even in your worst nightmares."
Witch 13 (2022)
Patrick Delaney
"A classic trope reimagined for the modern world and overlaid with a thick black coat of cosmic horror."

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