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Edan Lepucki is a graduate of Oberlin College and the Iowa Writers' Workshop. Her short fiction has been published in McSweeney's, the Los Angeles Times Magazine, Narrative Magazine, Meridian, and FiveChapters, among other publications, and she is the winner of the 2009 James D. Phelan Award. She is a staff writer for The Millions and lives in Los Angeles, where she was born and raised.

She likes cooking, reading and filling out forms.

Genres: Science Fiction, Literary Fiction
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Non fiction
   Mothers Before (2020)
Edan Lepucki recommends
The Art of Crash Landing (2015)
Melissa DeCarlo
"A sparkling, funny, and moving debut."
The Drifter (2017)
Christine Lennon
"Part campus novel, part coming-of-age story, The Drifter by Christine Lennon is a compelling and thoughtful debut about how the past can press against the present, and haunt it… Its heroine’s ongoing struggles to fit in and find herself will compel you to turn the page."
Touch (2017)
Courtney Maum
"Touch is at once wry and sincere, funny and serious, and you won't be able to put it down."
Gather the Daughters (2017)
Jennie Melamed
"In Gather the Daughters, girls and women face a world that is brutal, insidious, and unjust--and yet, hope and resilience persist. This is a lush, vivid and chilling novel. A remarkable debut."
Wonder Valley (2017)
Ivy Pochoda
"A vision of Southern California that is at once panoramic and intimate. . . . This novel paints an unforgettable portrait of people who long, above all else, for community and connection."
The Infinite Future (2018)
Tim Wirkus
"Brilliant, playful, and profound, The Infinite Future offers its readers stories within stories within stories, all of them thrilling and wise. Tim Wirkus has written a strange and beautiful magic trick of a book, and I was enthralled. I loved it."
The Rending and the Nest (2018)
Kaethe Schwehn
"Kaethe Schwehn is a remarkable talent with a vast and wild imagination."
Wonderblood (2018)
Julia Whicker
"Wonderblood is a richly imagined, otherworldly tale about the power--and danger--of faith and belief. I loved this book's beautiful prose and its startling, brutal, and poetic images; I loved its unique premise and masterful worldbuilding; I loved its complicated, passionate, and mesmerizing characters. Julia Whicker is a genius. This is a strange, daring, and masterful first novel."
Blown (2018)
Mark Haskell Smith
"I'm a big fan of Mark Haskell Smith's novels and Blown is his best yet: funny and frisky, with unforgettable characters and a surprising, twisty plot that willkeep you up way past your bedtime. Beyond all the fun and the ribald jokes is a wise portrayal of capitalism's dehumanizing effects. A terrific novel."
Invitation to a Bonfire (2018)
Adrienne Celt
"A sexy, brilliant and gripping novel about the fine line between passion and obsession."
Still Lives (2018)
Maria Hummel
"Still Lives offers its readers that delicious combination of entertainment and brilliance. It's at once profound and suspenseful, and while the plot kept me up nights (the ending had me gasping in surprise!), the book as a whole asks important questions about art and representation and how we, as a culture, objectify and endanger and victimize women. Maria Hummel has written a remarkable, relevant, and necessary novel."
Rust & Stardust (2018)
T Greenwood
"A riveting and thoughtful exploration of how the dark secrets of a terrible crime affect and hurt so many?and how light and hope persist in the face of such horrors. Greenwood writes with such compassion and feeling, and she is such a confident, skillful storyteller, that you'll stay up late to find out the fates of her memorable, beautiful characters."

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