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Ivy Pochoda grew up in Brooklyn, New York in a house filled with books. In high school she fell in love with playwriting, poetry, and classical languages. She attended Harvard University, where she studied classical Greek.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Ivy Pochoda recommends
The Convert's Song (2014)
(Valentine Pescatore, book 2)
Sebastian Rotella
"The Convert's Song is a revelation. Sure, it's a smart, gripping thriller that will have you turning the pages at high speed. But it's also a deep, emotionally resonant story of identity, friendship, and faith. I loved it."
The Lost Girls (2016)
Heather Young
"A haunting and dynamic debut that never falters."
Desperation Road (2017)
Michael Farris Smith
"Anchored by prose that is both poetic and brutal, Desperation Road is a gorgeous and violent book."
The Resurrection of Joan Ashby (2017)
Cherise Wolas
"Cherise Wolas has delivered an audacious and dynamic first novel. The Resurrection of Joan Ashby is a remarkable tapestry of literary skill, emotional insight, and sensational storytelling."
Poison (2017)
Galt Niederhoffer
"It will grab you...unsettle you...make you question the things you hold dear - family, marriage, and sanity. And it won't let go until the very end."
Heart Spring Mountain (2018)
Robin MacArthur
"A revelation... As rich as the fertile earth and as powerful as a surging storm. Every page is filled with wonder and beauty, compassion and longing. The women MacArthur has brought to life... will haunt and inspire and stick around long after their stories are told."
Blown (2018)
Mark Haskell Smith
"Blown is a riotously funny, perfectly observed, and maddeningly engaging roller coaster that tears through a world dominated by greed, cunning, sex, and the extraordinary and ludicrous measures people will go to in order to be happy. Mark Haskell Smith takes you on a wild ride you won't dare get off until the very end."
The Captives (2018)
Debra Jo Immergut
"The Captives is psychologically astute and wise with equal doses of power and pain. Immergut mines the depths of the human psyche to reveal how weakness can turn into obsession and how a single misstep can send a life careening off course."
November Road (2018)
Lou Berney
"NOVEMBER ROAD is a thriller that defies categorization. A triumph of plot and prose and a brilliant depiction of the contradictions of 1960s America, the innocence, the violence, and the longing."
The Current (2019)
Tim Johnston
"The Current is a rare creature: a gripping thriller and page-turner but also a masterwork of mood and language—a meditation on memory and time. You’ll want to go fast at the same time you’ll be compelled to savor each and every word."
Disappearing Earth (2019)
Julia Phillips
"A superb debut - brilliant. Daring, nearly flawless."

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