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Kathy Love has been labeled "a character-driven author, who prefers complex subjects that add an emotional, humorous edge" by Romantic Times. Originally from Maine, she now resides in Maryland with her husband, chatterbox three-year-old daughter, Emily, and Squiggy Piggy, a very sweet guinea pig.

Genres: Paranormal Romance, Cozy Mystery, Romance, Young Adult Fantasy
New Books
January 2023

Hoodoo You Think Done It
(Brew & Bones Mysteries, book 1)
   Never Fear (2015) (with Rachel Aukes, Rich Devin, Patrick Freivald, Michael Koogler, Erin McCarthy, Paul Mannering, Elle J Rossi, Lance Taubold and F Paul Wilson)
   Scream (2017) (with Paul Dale Anderson, Joe Broadmeadow, Sue Coletta, Caleb Pirtle III, Drew Jordan, Kristine Mason, Kimberly McGath and Elle J Rossi)
   The Haunted West: Vol. 2 (2018) (with Carole Nelson Douglas, Eileen Dreyer, Deborah Grahl, Virginia Henley, Mathew Kaufman, J Piper Lee, Erin McCarthy, Crystal Perkins, Elle J Rossi and Leah Snow)

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