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Phil Lovesey

UK flag (b.1963)
Son of Peter Lovesey

Matlock the Hare and all the saztaculous creatures of Winchett Dale are the creations of award winning author and artist Phil and Jacqui Lovesey.
Their aim is simple - to bring to life a majickal world in pictures and stories through a series of crumlush books and artwork, that hopefully bring a little of the Dale's whimsy into our everyday lives.
Phil is an award-winning author, including a series of novels for HarperCollins, together with numerous short stories that have been published the world over. He is also a past winner of the CWA Silver Dagger Award.
Jacqui is an artist and illustrator, and it was from her original miniature watercolour artworks that the world of Matlock the Hare and Winchett Dale originated, growing by demand into a series of popular handmade adventures, and an ever-growing series of collectable artworks that she still paints today.

Genres: Mystery