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Sarah-Kate Lynch

New Zealand (b.1962)

Sarah-Kate Lynch spent nearly 20 years as a journalist before realising that making things up was much more fun than trying hard not to.

When she is not writing novels, she works as a cardio-thoracic surgeon or safari gamekeeper, depending on her mood. Both have outfits that suit her complexion although the safari one really needs a tan.

She is five foot three and a natural blonde who can eat anything she wants and piles of it without putting on so much as an ounce. Yes, even deep fried cheese.

If she knew where Namibia was, she might go there and adopt an orphan. Especially if Brad Pitt was going to help raise it. This may make her sound shallow but actually she is very deep and intellectual and, um, used to bite her nails but doesn't any more.

Genres: Romance