Andreï Makine

Russia (b.1957)

Andreï Makine was born in Krasnoyarsk in Siberia in 1957, but sought asylum in France in 1987. While initially sleeping rough in Paris he was writing his first novel, A HERO'S DAUGHTER, which was eventually published in 1990 after Makine pretended it had been translated from the Russian, since no publisher believed he could have written it in French. With his third novel, ONCE UPON A RIVER LOVE, he was finally published as a 'French' writer, and with his fourth, LE TESTAMENT FRANCAIS, he became the first author to win both of France's top literary prizes, the Prix Goncourt and Prix Médicis. Since then Andreï Makine has written THE CRIME OF OLGA ARBYELINA, REQUIEM FOR THE EAST and A LIFE'S MUSIC, which won the Grand Prix RTL-Lire, and has been published to great acclaim all over the world.
   Le Testament Francais (1997)
   Dreams of My Russian Summers (1997)
   Once Upon the River Love (1998)
   The Crime of Olga Arbyelina (1999)
   Confessions of a Lapsed Standard-Bearer (2000)
     aka Confessions of a Fallen Standard-Bearer
   Requiem for the East (2001)
   A Life's Music (2002)
     aka The Music of a Life
   A Hero's Daughter (2003)
   The Earth and Sky of Jacques Dorme (2005)
   The Woman Who Waited (2006)
   Human Love (2008)
   The Life of an Unknown Man (2010)
   Requiem for a Lost Empire (2011)
   Brief Loves That Live Forever (2013)
   A Woman Loved (2015)
   The Archipelago of Another Life (2019)
   The Armenian Friend (2023)
     aka My Armenian Friend
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