Clémence Michallon


CLÉMENCE MICHALLON was born and raised near Paris. She studied journalism at City University of London, received a master's in Journalism from Columbia University, and has written for The Independent since 2018.
Her essays and features have covered true-crime, celebrity culture, and literature. She moved to New York City in 2014 and recently became a US citizen.
She now divides her time between New York City and Rhinebeck, NY.


Genres: Mystery
   The Quiet Tenant (2023)
Clémence Michallon recommends
Ilium (2024)
Lea Carpenter
"A spellbinding espionage novel. Carpenter's nuanced understanding of character and identity raises profound questions about love, loss, and the reality of war. Ilium is both mesmerizing and sublime."
The Carnivale of Curiosities (2023)
Amiee Gibbs
"The Carnivale of Curiosities is a glowing ember of a novel. Amiee Gibbs has expertly crafted a universe that simmers with infinite possibilities and burns with life-altering danger. Her characters - a circus troupe in Victorian London - will stay with you long after reading."
Speak of the Devil (2023)
Rose Wilding
"Rose Wilding has written a powerful, feminist thriller about a group of women who not only bond over their ties to the same toxic man, but find power in that shared experience. Crafted with unflinching empathy, Speak of the Devil is twisted in the best way."
The Guest Room (2023)
Tasha Sylva
"Tasha Sylva has crafted an absorbing thriller, in which a woman wrestling with her own grief can't tell which of the men in her orbit presents the most menace. It is a dizzying tale of obsession, where nothing-and no one-is exactly as it seems."

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