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Julie McElwain began her journalistic career at California Apparel News, a weekly Los Angeles based trade newspaper. She has freelanced for numerous publications from professional photographers magazines to those following the fashion industry. Currently, Julie is West Coast Editor for Soaps In Depth, a national soap opera magazine covering the No. 1 daytime drama, The Young and the Restless. Julie lives in Long Beach, CA.

Genres: Historical Mystery
Julie McElwain recommends
April In Paris, 1921 (2018)
(Kiki Button Mystery, book 1)
Tessa Lunney
"Tessa Lunney brilliantly evokes the Années folles of the Roaring Twenties as her heroine?an Australian debutant-turned-nurse-turned-spy?Kiki Button traipses through Paris’s sensual bohemian culture hunting for a World War I mole and stolen Pablo Picasso painting."
The Antiquities Hunter (2018)
(Gina Miyoko Mystery, book 1)
Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
"Maya Bohnhoff has delivered a delightful mystery with an intrepid heroine who is part female Sam Spade and part Indiana Jones. A page-turner to the very end. A fast-paced, action-packed tale that will have you turning the pages into the wee hours of the morning. Sequel, please!"
Silence on Cold River (2020)
Casey Dunn
"Casey Dunn’s Silence on Cold River is a harrowing, beautifully written journey of dark obsession and redemption that will have you double checking that you locked all your doors."
A Deadly Fortune (2021)
Stacie Murphy
"Stacie Murphy proves herself to be a masterful storyteller with A Deadly Fortune—an elegantly written, fast-paced mystery that blends the dark side of the Gilded Age, great characters and a paranormal twist. Impossible to put down."
World War Zero (2022)
(Adventures of Marah Chase, book 1)
Jay Stringer
"If you merged Ocean's Eleven with Indiana Jones, You'd get Marah Case."

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