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USA flag (1938 - 2021)

Leila Meacham has lived in Texas all of her life.

Leila graduated from North Texas State University with a Bachelor's Degree of Arts. She married a pilot in the US Air Force during the war years of Viet Nam and served in numerous capacities of volunteer work as a military wife before resuming her teaching career in San Antonio. She taught high school English until her retirement from that profession, developing the gifted and talented program still used in the tenth grade curriculum of Converse Judson.

She came to her love of writing late, she says, even though she dabbled briefly into the process when she wrote a romance novel in the mid-eighties that she never expected to be published. It was followed by two others because she was under contract, but the experience and genre left her with a desire never to pick up a pen again.

"That changed when I ran out of things to do after retirement," she says, "and one day I sat down and wrote ROSES."

Leila has no children and has been married to her husband for forty-three years.

Genres: Historical, Romance
New and upcoming books
July 2024

April Storm
   1. Somerset (2014)
   2. Roses (2009)
   Ryan's Hand (1984)
   Crowning Design (1984)
   Aly's House (1985)
   Tumbleweeds (2012)
   Titans (2016)
   Dragonfly (2019)
   April Storm (2024)
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The Stars Don't Lie (2023)
Boo Walker
"I love books with breathing characters you can root for, a narrative of human life to which you can relate, a conclusion that can stop the heart, and an author who can bind them all together with passion and soul. Boo Walker proves he's that kind of writer."
The Way We Weren't (2021)
Phoebe Fox
"A story of the reassessment of the lives of two unlikely strangers who meet--an old man and a young woman--who together discover that the place in life they have chosen for themselves does not bring the fulfillment they had worked to have. An insightful and compelling read of the courage to change horses in midstream to reach the shore of new beginnings."
Water from My Heart (2015)
Charles Martin
"I found Unwritten one of those strangely beautiful, exotically original novels whose substance dawns slowly to the reader's consciousness like a glorious sunrise. Do not start this book unless you have time to savor, reflect, and renew. Do, if you have space to fit a memorable reading experience into your life."

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