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Allison Pataki is the New York Times bestselling author of The Traitors Wife and The Accidental Empress. She graduated Cum Laude from Yale University with a major in English and spent several years writing for TV and online news outlets. The daughter of former New York State Governor George E. Pataki, Allison is a regular contributor to Huffington Post and, as well as a member of The Historical Novel Society. Allison lives in Chicago with her husband. To learn more and connect with Allison visit or on Twitter @AllisonPataki.

Genres: Historical
Picture Books
   Nelly Takes New York (2019) (with Marya Myers)
   Poppy Takes Paris (2020) (with Marya Myers)
Non fiction
Allison Pataki recommends
The Magician's Lie (2015)
Greer Macallister
"The Magician's Lie is a rich tale of heart-stopping plot turns, glittering prose, and a cast of complex, compelling characters. Reader beware: those who enter Macallister's delicious world of magic and mystery won't wish to leave!"
Stolen Beauty (2017)
Laurie Lico Albanese
"A powerful and important tale of love and war, art and family… I was transported."
The Girls in the Picture (2018)
Melanie Benjamin
"Melanie Benjamin's The Girls in the Picture is a scintillating journey back in time to the gritty and glamorous days of old Hollywood. With elegant prose and delicious historical detail, Benjamin delivers a timely tale of female friendship--and the powerful duo who dared to dream beyond the narrow roles into which they'd been cast."
Ecstasy (2018)
Mary Sharratt
"In Ecstasy, Mary Sharratt plunges the reader into the tumultuous and glamorous fin de siècle era, bringing to life its brilliant and beguiling leading lady. Finally, Alma Mahler takes center stage, surging to life as so much more than simply the female companion to the brilliant and famous men who loved her. Sharratt's portrait is poignant and nuanced, her novel brimming with rich historic detail and lush, evocative language."
The Kennedy Debutante (2018)
Kerri Maher
"Maher beautifully mixes the red-blooded American iconography of the Kennedys with the delicious and Downton Abbey-esque grandeur of Britain's upper crusts...[Kick] proves a poignant and captivating subject, and her story will make your heart lurch in the best possible ways."
Marilla of Green Gables (2018)
Sarah McCoy
"Sarah McCoy has given readers a precious gift: the opportunity to step back into the world of Avonlea, and the chance to get to know Marilla Cuthbert as a leading lady in her own right. In McCoy's skillful and sensitive hands, Marilla emerges as a heroine of depth, complexity, and heart. I savored my time with this cast of old friends, enjoying the dilemma of whether to speed through these compelling pages or to pause and relish everything about the lovely world imagined within them."
A Well Behaved Woman (2018)
Therese Anne Fowler
"To step into Therese Anne Fowler's stunning novel is to step into Alva Vanderbilt's rarefied world of sprawling homes, delicious society intrigue, and incomparable Gilded Age luxury. But there's so much more to this world than appearances would indicate--as Alva and the reader both learn. Fowler's heroine is drawn with care and complexity, a woman of exquisite taste and depth, and one who dares to dream beyond the stifling role which society has assigned her."
The Orphan's Song (2019)
Lauren Kate
"The Orphan's Song plunges the reader into the streets and canals of eighteenth-century Venice, where the world of Carnivale roils with music, love, and intrigue. Lauren Kate is a masterful storyteller, with a stunning command of her rich historical material and the ability to draw forth the beautiful and intimate songs of the human heart."
The First Actress (2020)
C W Gortner
"Sarah Bernhardt was a woman of fearless strength and awe-inspiring talent, both a living icon in her day and an unapologetic iconoclast. In his beautiful The First Actress, C. W. Gortner gives readers an intimate and rich portrait of Bernhardt's stunning career and tumultuous personal life. The Divine Sarah was a singular leading lady ahead of her time, winning devotees and breaking rules in order to demand more for artists and for women."
Glimmer As You Can (2020)
Danielle Martin
"Told against the historic backdrop of a time of great social change, and with colorful language and details, this is a timely and beautiful story of female friendship and strength, of the secrets we all carry behind our smiles, and the power to be found in a sisterhood of supportive women."
Lana's War (2021)
Anita Abriel
"In Lana's War, Anita Abriel puts the reader on the French Riviera during World War II, in a time and a place where the barbed wire fences and marching boots of the Nazis are terrifying, even as the sweep of Mediterranean views and bursts of bright bougainvillea are intoxicating. Lana is a heroine to root for, and her story of loss and love is inspiring and life-affirming. I was completely engrossed in this lush, transportive novel."
The Invisible Woman (2021)
Erika Robuck
"Erika Robuck has given readers a precious gift. Her heroine, Virginia Hall, was a singular figure whose true life story is the stuff of inspiration and legend--Nazi hunters, secret spy work from Paris to the Pyrenees, and epic feats of human goodness and bravery amid some of modern history's darkest moments. Robuck combines meticulous historical research with stunning prose and unforgettable characters to offer a book that is breathtakingly beautiful, and readers will not be able to put it down."
Band of Sisters (2021)
Lauren Willig
"An inspiring ode to the indomitable strength of women and the fierce, indelible bonds of female friendship, a tale of she-roes that will make you both laugh and cry."
Finding Napoleon (2021)
Margaret Rodenberg
"Napoleon Bonaparte’s life was an incredible, inspiring, and ultimately tragic epic. In Finding Napoleon, readers enter deep into both the beginning and the end of that exceptional drama as Margaret Rodenberg brings to life the inner circle of the ailing emperor as he spends his final years in exile on the remote island of St Helena. No one is more qualified to tell this sweeping tale than Margaret Rodenberg—her research is in a league of its own, and her writing is beautiful and poignant."
A Woman of Intelligence (2021)
Karin Tanabe
"Tanabe has long delighted readers of historical fiction with her beautiful writing, compelling plots, and sumptuous historic details. In A Woman of Intelligence, she gives fans a heroine to root for in the strong, complex, and spirited Katharina Edgeworth. This is the story of a woman who dares to dream beyond the gilded cage and stifling social mores into which life has boxed her, and who proves the indelible power of women to change the world in the process."
Her Heart for a Compass (2021)
Sarah Ferguson
"Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has delivered to readers a brilliant and glittering jewel of a novel, replete with fascinating historical detail, lush lyrical language, and compelling, complex characters who leap from the page. I was wholly swept away by this story, wishing to race through its gripping plot while also lingering to relish each delicious page. This beautiful novel heralds the entry of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, as the new leading voice in Historical Fiction."
Our Last Days in Barcelona (2022)
(Cuba Saga, book 5)
Chanel Cleeton
"This sun-splashed story is one of longing, loyalty, and the many complicated ways in which we can love within a family.... Told with heart and beauty [it] is irresistible."
Joan (2022)
Katherine J Chen
"Visceral and piercing - I was blown away."
Where the Wandering Ends (2022)
Yvette Manessis Corporon
"A tale of homecoming, woven with beautiful threads from history, mythology, and the indelible truths and wisdom of the human heart."
When We Had Wings (2022)
Ariel Lawhon, Kristina McMorris and Susan Meissner
"When We Had Wings is a story of strength and sisterhood inspired by the little-known experiences of the 'Angels of Bataan.' With gorgeous language and stunning historic detail, Lawhon, McMorris, and Meissner plunge readers into the Philippines and the epic struggles of the Pacific. Filled with heart and pathos, this is a story of hope, faith, and the power of friendship in the face of indescribable hardship."
The Stockwell Letters (2023)
Jacqueline Friedland
"An immervise work of fiction that plunges readers into one of the most fraught and urgent decades of American history."

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