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Kristy Woodson Harvey is the author of Dear Carolina. She blogs at Design Chic about how creating a beautiful home can be the catalyst for creating a beautiful life and loves connecting with readers at She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's school of journalism and holds a Master's in English from East Carolina University. She is a regular contributor for The Salisbury Post, Domino magazine and Houzz. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and three-year-old son.

Genres: General Fiction, Historical

Kristy Woodson Harvey recommends
The Salt House (2017)
Lisa Duffy
"Lisa Duffy has burst on the scene with this at once heartbreaking and life affirming debut. A lyrical and beautifully written story about love, loss, forgiveness and moving forward, The Salt House confirms that Lisa Duffy is one to watch."
By the Book (2018)
Julia Sonneborn
"Julia Sonneborn’s witty and wise retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion is a refreshing tale that had me in its spell from the first page to the last. Spunky, relatable, and adorably flawed, heroine Anne Corey is balancing professorhood, sisterhood, and an aging father—and two irresistible men who love her and hate each other. A good dose of humor and a dash of drama make this a compulsively readable, utterly charming debut."
Dreaming in Chocolate (2018)
Susan Bishop Crispell
"Dreaming in Chocolate is an endearing and beautifully spun tale of three generations of women and the enchanted chocolate shop that they share. A story of broken hearts, missed opportunities and the sometimes excruciating realities of motherhood, Susan Bishop Crispell teaches us that, even in a life surrounded by the mystical and inexplicable, sometimes, finding true love is the real magic."
The Husband Hour (2018)
Jamie Brenner
"A tale of the complexities of sisterhood, love, and the secrets we keep-even from ourselves-The Husband Hour will grab you from the first sentence and hold you until the last. I absolutely could not put it down."
True Places (2019)
Sonja Yoerg
"One of Sonja Yoerg’s great strengths as a novelist is her ability to portray women in all their complexity. Suzanne Blakemore is a perfect housewife and mother who has denied herself her own identity for so long that it seems she has forgotten to even look for it. When she picks up a child, dirty, starving, and abandoned, on the side of the highway, and eventually convinces her husband to take her in, it seems like yet another thing to take up space on Suzanne’s relentless to-do list. But it is in opening her heart to Iris that Suzanne begins to find a piece of herself—and the strength to realize that her own needs matter too. Gripping, emotional, and deeply authentic, True Places will have you flipping pages long into the night. This is Yoerg’s most compelling, honest novel yet."
The Curiosities (2019)
Susan Gloss
"A richly layered tale of the intersection of five very different lives, The Curiosities uniquely depicts how each step in the journey leads us where we’re ultimately meant to be. Page by page, Gloss proves that the beauty of life—like art—is often revealed to us a little at a time. The Curiosities is an absolute must read!"
Glory Road (2019)
Lauren K Denton
"A poignant and heartfelt tale of sisterhood, motherhood, and marriage, Hurricane Season deftly examines the role that coming to terms with the past plays in creating a hopeful future. Readers will devour this story of the hurricanes—both literal and figurative—that shape our lives."
Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe (2019)
Heather Webber
"Full of family secrets, undeniable charm and that particular touch of magic so often found in the South, MIDNIGHT AT THE BLACKBIRD CAFE is a heartfelt and redemptive tale of a daughter looking to move forward in the place her mother couldn't wait to leave behind. Heather Webber creates a town as dynamic and real as her characters--and a story so compelling that it will stay on readers' minds long after the final page. I savored every word."
True to Me (2019)
(By the Sea , book 1)
Kay Bratt
"Quinn Maguire has grown up believing that she knows the truth about her complicated childhood. But when her mother dies shortly after revealing an earth-shaking family secret, everything changes in an instant. Kay Bratt beautifully draws the story of a daughter returning to Maui—the enchanted land that she believes holds the key to her past—where she unlocks a promising future she never could have imagined. Full of secrets, love and gorgeous settings, True to Me is the ultimate escape."
This Won't End Well (2020)
Camille Pagán
"Witty, wise, and of the moment, This Won’t End Well is a story of unlikely friendships, calculated risks, and taking a stand—even when it’s easier to maintain the status quo. Charmingly flawed and endearingly real characters combine with a unique format to make Camille Pagán’s latest page-turner her best book yet."
Happy and You Know It (2020)
Laura Hankin
"The perfect mix of frothy fun, twisty mystery and social satire, Happy and Your Know It is a guilty pleasure of a book that is impossible to put down. Laura Hankin creates complex characters with lives that, like their Instagram feeds, are never as they seem. This is the summer read for book clubs, beachgoers and playgroup moms everywhere."
How to Bury Your Brother (2020)
Lindsey Rogers Cook
"Brilliantly plotted and beautifully written, How to Bury Your Brother questions how well we really know the people we love-and whether it's ever too late to learn the truth. An unforgettable debut."
If You Must Know (2020)
(Potomac Point, book 1)
Jamie Beck
"In perfect prose, Jamie Beck weaves a story of two sisters at odds, relationships in peril, and lives turned upside down. A testament to the strength of family—and the beauty of forgiveness—If You Must Know is a summer read with staying power and a poignant reminder that what we need most will always find its way back to us."
Hepburn's Necklace (2021)
Jan Moran
"Second chances, twists of fate and a glittering Lake Como backdrop combine to create Jan Moran’s latest stunning read. Weaving back and forth through time, Moran creates an epic tale of love and loss that can’t help but make readers question what might have been. With lyrical prose and unforgettable characters, HEPBURN’S NECKLACE proves that Jan Moran is a writer at the top of her game and a storyteller to remember."
Summertime Guests (2021)
Wendy Francis
"In prose as glittering as the hotel in which the novel is set, Francis shines as a master storyteller. A must-read for anyone who could use an escape."
The Clover Girls (2021)
Viola Shipman
"Viola Shipman has written a love song to long-lost friends, an ode to the summers that make us who we are. The minute I finished The Clover Girls, I ordered copies for all my friends. It’s that good."
A Summer to Remember (2021)
Erika Montgomery
"A Summer To Remember is an unforgettable tale of love, loss and finding your place that glitters as brightly as the golden age of Hollywood."
The Secret of Rainy Days (2021)
Leslie Hooton
"In distinctly Southern prose, Leslie Hooton captures the complexity of family dynamics and the difficulty of sudden loss in her sweeping sophomore novel. The Secret of Rainy Days explores what it truly means to come home again, especially when we think we have left forever-and how, sometimes, it’s the most difficult days and the lessons they bring that teach us who we truly are. Fans of coming-of-age stories will find themselves immersed in every page."
On Gin Lane (2022)
Brooke Lea Foster
"In this atmospheric new novel, Brooke Lea Foster explores the glittering and bohemian world of the Hamptons in the 1950s - and the dark underbelly that her protagonist never could have imagined. A page-turning mix of historical fiction and coming-of-age, readers will devour On Gin Lane, and its lessons of self-discovery and following one's heart will remain long after the final page. An utterly enchanting tale."
Dog Friendly (2022)
Victoria Schade
"With huge heart, great tenderness, and plenty of unforgettable moments between dogs and their humans, Victoria Schade reminds readers that sometimes it takes getting away to find out where you are truly meant to be. Dog Friendly is a page-turning, feel-good story that--like a wet nose and a wagging tail--will work its way straight into readers' hearts. Add this literary gem to your TBR immediately!"
The Lifestyle (2022)
Taylor Hahn
"An honest, open-hearted look at marriage and friendship and a reminder that, sometimes, the messiest parts of life are leading us where we're truly meant to be. This Emma retelling with a twist is a spectacular debut by a bold new voice."
In Her Boots (2022)
KJ Dell'Antonia
"Witty, charming, and utterly unputdownable, In Her Boots is the perfect reminder that living life on our own terms might just be what it's all about. Once again, KJ Dell' Antonia has knocked it out of the park with a story that will work its way right into readers' hearts."
The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie (2022)
Rachel Linden
"Lolly Blanchard's life changed from lemonade to lemons in an instant, and she has spent years wondering what might have been. When her great-aunt gifts her the opportunity to find out, Lolly jumps at the opportunity, each of her forays into a different life leading her to surprising places. Ultimately, Lolly realizes that, no matter how dire the situation, the choices we make can change our fate in ways better than our wildest dreams. The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie is a poignant, hopeful must read for anyone who has ever wondered about a different path. Rachel Linden creates unforgettable characters that will work their way into your heart and a compulsively readable story that will keep the pages turning late into the night. Five huge stars!"
The Sunshine Girls (2022)
Molly Fader
"A breathtaking story of an extraordinary friendship. Sure to be one of the year's best novels."

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