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Mike Massa has lived an adventurous life including stints as Navy SEAL officer, an investment banker, an entrepreneur and a university researcher. In addition to the usual military deployments, he has lived outside the US for several years as a civilian, mostly in South American and Europe. Newly published, Mike is married and enjoys the challenges of three sons and a growing cohort of grandsons all of whom check daily to see if today is the day they can pull down the old lion. Not yet...

Genres: Science Fiction
Series contributed to
Black Tide Rising
   6. The Valley of Shadows (2018) (with John Ringo)
   8. River of Night (2019) (with John Ringo)
Murphy's Lawless
   1. Shakes (2020) (with Charles E Gannon)
   Murphy's Lawless (2020) (with others)

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