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Nina Milne

Nina has always loved reading and writing and fondly remembers a childhood play she entitled Rags to Riches and Back Again. The theme was that love trumped money and even back then she made sure her heroine and hero got their happy ending. They were penniless and ragged but happy!

As she grew older Nina continued to spend most of her spare time with her head in a book but the writing did get put to one side in the whirl of life.

However the dream never quite went away - and eventually (following a university degree, meeting her very own real life hero, a stint as an accountant, a further stint as a recruitment consultant, many short stories and three children later), Nina is a real author whose debut Mills&Boon book comes out in August.

Nina now lives with her husband and three children in Brighton, UK and loves the fact that she can work in her pyjamas (as long as she remembers to change in time for the school run)

Genres: Romance
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