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Peter Maas

USA flag (1929 - 2001)

Peter Maas was an American crime journalist and biographer.

He was the biographer of Frank Serpico, a New York City Police officer who testified against police corruption. He is also the author of the number one New York Times bestseller, Underboss, about the life and times of Sammy "The Bull" Gravano.

His other notable bestsellers include The Valachi Papers, Manhunt, and In a Child's Name, recipient of the 1991 Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime book. The Valachi Papers, which told the story of Mafia turncoat Joseph Valachi, is widely considered to be a seminal work, as it spawned an entire genre of books written by or about former Mafiosi.
Non fiction
   The Rescuer (1967)
   The Valachi Papers (1968)
     aka The Canary That Sang
   Serpico (1973)
   King of the Gypsies (1975)
   Marie (1983)
   Manhunt (1986)
   In a Child's Name (1990)
   Killer Spy (1995)
   Underboss (1997)
   The Terrible Hours (1999)

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