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Richard C. Morais was a Senior Editor at Forbes and the magazine's longest serving foreign correspondent. An American raised in Switzerland, Morais has lived most of his life overseas, returning to the United States in 2003. He was stationed in London for 17 years, where he was Forbes' European Bureau Chief. He now lives in Philadelphia with his wife and daughter.
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Attachments (2021)
Jeff Arch
"I love it when I know from the fi rst page I’m in the hands of a master storyteller. From the opening moment, Jeff Arch’s well-plotted novel crackles with sharp dialogue, fully drawn characters, and a rich sense of time and place. I devoured Attachments."
Love & Saffron (2022)
Kim Fay
"In an age when we're barraged with Twitter blow-ups, pandemic deaths, and political discourse of the most uncivil kind, Love & Saffron is as refreshing as watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean, with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a bowl of garlicky clams at your elbow. Kim Fay convincingly recreates a charming and civil world, and a touching friendship, in a period piece that will restore you to your kinder, gentler self."

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