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T J MacGregor

(Patricia Marie Janeshutz MacGregor)
USA flag (b.1947)

aka Alison Drake, Trish Janeshutz

Names are tricky little things. T.J. MacGregor was born with one name (Patricia Janeshutz), got nicknamed (Trish), then changed her name when she got married (MacGregor). She published her first two novels as Trish Janeshutz, a last name that few could pronounce or spell. So her editor at that time asked her to come up with a simpler name that contained initials - i.e., an androgynous name, because suspense novels by men were selling better at that time than suspense novels by women.

Genres: Mystery, Science Fiction
In Shadow (1985) (as by Trish Janeshutz)
Hidden Lake (1987) (as by Trish Janeshutz)
Lagoon (1990) (as by Alison Drake)
The Seventh Sense (1999)
Vanished (2001)
Out Of Sight (2002)
U R miNe (2016)
Skin Shifters (2018)