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Caroline Leavitt is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Is This Tomorrow, Pictures of You, Girls In Trouble, Coming Back To Me, Living Other Lives, Into Thin Air, Family, Jealousies, Lifelines, Meeting Rozzy Halfway. Various titles were optioned for film, translated into different languages, and condensed in magazines.

Genres: Children's Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical, Romance
Caroline Leavitt recommends
Sheet Music (2003)
M J Rose
"No one writes so simply and superbly about such lush things as food and sex as M.J. Rose -- and at the same time, gets deep inside the heart and mind of a wonderfully complicated heroine. Literate and page-turning, Sheet Music's all about how we think we know the people we love--and we don't. And how we love them anyway. Enthralling."
The Way Life Should Be (2007)
Christina Baker Kline
"THE WAY LIFE SHOULD BE is the way a great read should be -- incredibly moving, beautifully written, and with characters so alive you want them to come and visit. Kline's lucid take on finding out who we really are, and what we really need in our lives is nothing short of brilliant."
The Raising (2011)
Laura Kasischke
"Haunting, unsettling, and unforgettable."
The Orphan Sister (2011)
Gwendolen Gross
"Breathtakingly original. A haunting exploration of love, loyalty, sisters, hope, and the ties that bind us together--and make the ground tremble beneath us when they break. I loved, loved, loved this novel."
Outside the Lines (2012)
Amy Hatvany
"Exquisitely rendered."
The Memory Thief (2012)
Emily Colin
"A mesmerizing debut: dazzlingly original and as haunting as a dream."
Hemingway's Girl (2012)
Erika Robuck
"Robuck's breathtaking alchemy is to put us inside the world of Hemingway and his wife Pauline."
The Orphans of Race Point (2014)
Patry Francis
"Set against the coast of Provincetown, Patry Francis’s fierce, ravishing epic cuts deep to the bone.... Tender, violent, and alive, it’s also unforgettable."
Girl Waits With Gun (2015)
(Kopp Sisters, book 1)
Amy Stewart
"How could you not fall in love with a book about one of the first female deputy sheriffs and her sisters--especially when it s written by the enthralling Amy Stewart? Full of long-held secrets, kicked-up dust, simmering danger, and oh yes, that gun this gritty romp illuminates one of history s strongest women with a hold-your-breath panache."
One More Day (2016)
Kelly Simmons
"Beautifully dark, totally devastating, and so Riveting you might find yourself gripping the pages."
The Two-Family House (2016)
Lynda Cohen Loigman
"Two families, both living in one house, drive an exquisitely written novel of love, alliances, the messiness of life and long buried secrets. Loigman's debut is just shatteringly wonderful and I can't wait to see what she does next."
Folly Cove (2016)
Holly Robinson
"[A] luminous novel."
Setting Free the Kites (2017)
Alex George
"Funny, devastating, and so human and humane, this novel is filled with characters so alive and complex."
Gypsy Moth Summer (2017)
Julia Fierro
"Masterpiece is often a word that is casually tossed around, but it fits Fierro's work, which is so richly alive, so poetic, it is truly Shakespearean tragedy. I had a sense of wonder that someone could craft a novel as perfect as this one, but then I remembered this is a Julia Fierro novel, so the only answer to that wonder is of course, of course, of course, she could?and she did."
George and Lizzie (2017)
Nancy Pearl
"As sparkling as Prosecco, as jubilantly quirky and inventive a love story as you could ever want, and a jigsaw puzzle you never want to finish--as in what makes Lizzie and George who they are? And how will they fit together? What can I say? If I could marry a novel, this wise, witty and rapturously inventive book would be it."
The Last to See Me (2017)
(Last Ghost, book 1)
M Dressler
"Hauntingly original, provocative and dashed with wit--this literary ghost story changed the way I see the world."
Love and Other Consolation Prizes (2017)
Jamie Ford
"How does a novel genius top himself? Jamie Ford’s newest takes an extraordinary moment in history, where vice lives alongside innocence, and transforms it into a dazzling, hold-your-breath story about the families we make and the ones we are thrust into, about who we are, and who we dreamed we could be. Irresistibly magnificent!"
Strangers in Budapest (2017)
Jessica Keener
"A bold, brave, and dazzlingly original tale about home, loss, and the persistence of love."
The Days When Birds Come Back (2018)
Deborah Reed
"In Reed’s achingly exquisite latest, two scarred-by-life souls—a divorcee and a man toppled by tragedy—hide from their pasts by together renovating an old Oregon house. About the love we’ve lost, the mistakes and secrets we're afraid to reveal, and a haunting reminder that second chances aren’t just given—we have to be brave enough to earn them. A blindingly beautiful book."
The Girls in the Picture (2018)
Melanie Benjamin
"Melanie Benjamin, known for her living, breathing portraits of famous figures, takes on the Golden Age of Hollywood, and the friendship between icons Mary Pickford and screenwriter Frances Marion. As riveting as the latest blockbuster, this is a star-studded story of female friendships, creative sparks about to ignite, and the power of women. Dazzling."
Gateway to the Moon (2018)
Mary Morris
"Written in prose like music, with stories connecting like fugues, Morris follows her characters through time, through space, and through horrors and toward love. From Columbus to the Spanish Inquisition to modern day New Mexico and the Voyager spacecraft, this is a work so luminous, so important, that you could see it as a map of the way to live in our universe. A writer is not supposed to be at a loss for words, but nothing can describe the extraordinary experience of this novel. A dazzling masterpiece destined to be a classic."
The Magnificent Esme Wells (2018)
Adrienne Sharp
"Violent and voluptuous; heartbreaking and profound, The Magnificent Esme Wells is about the losses we endure, and the love we keep betting on, despite the odds. Truly, a showstopper."
Paris by the Book (2018)
Liam Callanan
"A haunting literary mystery and a multifaceted love story of husbands gone missing, of daughters left behind, of starting over, of books, and finally, of Paris. I love, love this novel."
The Ones We Choose (2018)
Julie Clark
"How could I not love a debut about science, secrets, DNA, and how the traumas of our ancestors still live within our very cells? With gorgeous prose, and a deep emotional resonance, The Ones We Choose is about the science of love, how our DNA shapes us, and a mother’s fierce battle to protect her son while confronting what really makes our identity ours, what and who we choose to let in, and what and who we don’t. An absolutely dazzling, profound ruby of a novel."
Eagle & Crane (2018)
Suzanne Rindell
"Wildly ambitious and filled with heartbreak (I love heartbreak), Suzanne Rindell’s third novel mesmerizingly pilots us through the Depression, the 1930s, Pearl Harbor, and the love one fierce young woman has for two very different aviators. Passionate, profound and an absolutely daredevil act of imagination."
The Masterpiece (2018)
Fiona Davis
"How could I not adore a book set in New York City, my favorite city in the world? A soaringly smart page-turner about art, history, memory, and how two blazingly unique women, separated and yet bound together by different decades, struggle to find their place and make their world their own. Magnificent."
Rust & Stardust (2018)
T Greenwood
"Greenwood’s glowing dark ruby of a novel brilliantly transforms the true crime story that inspired Nabokov’s Lolita. Shatteringly original and eloquently written, Rust and Stardust is a lot about how what we believe to be true can shape or ruin a life, and the bright lure of innocence pitted against the murk of evil. So ferociously suspenseful, I found myself holding my breath, and so gorgeous and so unsettling in all the roads it might have taken, I kept re-reading pages."
A Well Behaved Woman (2018)
Therese Anne Fowler
"The best biographical novels reveal a life we never expected to know, and here, in Fowler's jaw-droppingly brilliant A Well-Behaved Woman, she uncovers Alva Smith, who was supposed to be proper and conventional, but instead she not only launched the Vanderbilt's Guilded Age dynasty, but dug in her heels to defy her times in ways that were nothing short of revolutionary. Not just breathtakingly alive, but dazzlingly and profoundly timely. A must-read masterpiece."
Bittersweet Brooklyn (2018)
Thelma Adams
"Thelma Adams is our new Dickens in her effervescently vivid tale of Jewish hardscrabble living, gangsters, torn-apart families, and a young woman desperate for love, family, and a stable future. Set in a 1920s and 30s Brooklyn so rich, raw, and bristling with life that you can taste the brine on the deli pickles and see the flasks of whiskey hidden in a garter, this is the kind of novel that’s lived, rather than read."
The Liar's Child (2019)
Carla Buckley
"Buckley’s provocative and passionately drawn new novel may be set against an exciting outer storm, but it’s the complex inner storms of her nuanced characters that had me gripping the pages. I just loved this book."
Dear Edward (2020)
Ann Napolitano
"From its breathtaking premise—a boy is the sole survivor of an airplane crash—to its absolutely rhapsodic finish, Dear Edward is about the persistence of hope, the depth of love, and the unexpected, radiant moments that make up our lives. If I loved this stunning novel any more, I’d have to marry it."
Queen of the Owls (2020)
Barbara Linn Probst
"This is a stunner about the true cost of creativity, and about what it means to be really seen. Gorgeously written and so, so smart (and how can you resist any novel that has Georgia O’Keeffe in it?), Probst’s novel is a work of art in itself."
Glorious Boy (2020)
Aimee Liu
"An absolutely gorgeous historical novel about ambition, culture clash, love, atonement, and one silent boy, set against the backdrop of a tribe in the Andamans struggling with British rule. So blisteringly alive, you feel the swampy heat and the bugs; so emotionally true, it grips at every page. Just magnificent and not to be missed."
Old Lovegood Girls (2020)
Gail Godwin
"Literary treasure Godwin's shimmeringly alive new novel follows a True North female friendship through 41 years of shifting connections, love, tragedy, and the deep drama of a changing world, but it's also about so much more, like the secrets that can make or break us, and how stories can virtually save our souls, leading us to something we never realized that we needed to know. This is exactly what this gorgeous, heartbreakingly true, and profound novel does. To say it's a masterpiece is an understatement."
Everyone Knows How Much I Love You (2020)
Kyle McCarthy
"A wickedly smart, deeply readable novel about art, love, and friendship."
The Taste of Sugar (2020)
Marisel Vera
"Vera eloquently tells the story of an astonishing Puerto Rican family and their countrymen and women, as their people are constantly betrayed, discarded and ruined, first by the Spanish, next by the Americans, yet they never give up hope. Haunting, mesmerizing, and heart-scorching, you will turn pages while holding your breath. You don't just read this genius alive novel, you live it."
Musical Chairs (2020)
Amy Poeppel
"In this funny, profound, and brilliantly alive novel about all the messy, wise and wonderful chords that love can strike in our lives, Poeppel gathers together fathers and daughters, old flames and new sparks, music, writing and gardening, to explore what it really means to feel at home, and how life can open you up in ways you never saw coming. Set against the backdrops of Manhattan and the Connecticut countryside, MUSICAL CHAIRS is profound, delicious and soul-stirring."
The Last Migration (2020)
Charlotte McConaghy
"Set in a future when wildlife is rapidly becoming extinct, Migrations is indeed about loss - but what makes it miraculous is that it is also about both the glimpses of hope and the shattering persistence of love, if we are only brave enough to acknowledge them. Written in prose as gorgeous as the crystalline beauty of the Arctic, Migrations is deeply moving, haunting, and, yes, important."
Nowhere Near Goodbye (2020)
Barbara Conrey
"The past verses the present. The desperate needs of a family going against the desperate needs of work. And secrets that could derail everything. Conrey's beautifully written novel probes the choices we make--and the choices we regret, and she does it with grace and aplomb."
The Orphan Collector (2020)
Ellen Marie Wiseman
"Wiseman's blistering moving and profound novel, set against the devastating backdrop of the 1918 Spanish flu, hones in on an extraordinary exploration of the plight of immigrants, as two very different women grapple with finding, keeping, and changing their place in the world. Absolutely amazing."
The Wrong Kind of Woman (2020)
Sarah McCraw Crow
"How could I not devour a book set in my favorite era? About family, marriage, love and grief and a country in the turbulent flux of change, The Wrong Kind of Woman limns the lives of a stunned widow, her daughter and a student as they all struggle to come to terms with death--and life--against the backdrop of the Vietnam war, Kent State, the drug culture, and the first heady rise of the women's movement. Absolutely fabulous."
Agatha Arch is Afraid of Everything (2020)
Kristin Bair
"[A] sprightly read as refreshing, necessary, and delicious as summer lemonade."
Joint Custody (2021)
(Gatz Chronicles, book 1)
Lauren Baratz-Logsted and Jackie Logsted
"I admit I am a sucker for stories about four-footed-friends and for mother/daughter writing teams like the Logsteds. And the charm here is the narration is by a wise-in-love dog...A perfect romp to brighten your winter!"
Minus Me (2021)
Mameve Medwed
"Medwed’s known for her delicious wit, and here she’s brilliantly crafted a profoundly warm and intimate novel about what it means to try to manage the tumult in our life—and the life of a loved one. In her trademark sparkling prose, Medwed shows us how sometimes our best made plans (and manuals) meant to get us where we’re sure we want to go can actually derail us from our best selves and the very route we actually need to travel instead. Sprightly and absolutely delightful with an ending readers will cherish."
The Kindest Lie (2021)
Nancy Johnson
"A gloriously written, stunning heart scorcher about who we are and what we could be."
Oslo, Maine (2021)
Marcia Butler
"How do we cope with the unimaginable? Maybe, says Marcia Butler, in her brilliant new novel, we do it with the unimaginable. When 12-year-old Pierre Roy loses his memory in an accident, three Maine families, a crosscut of cultures and classes, are at loose ends as to what to do. Instead, it's up to one boy and the incredible sound from one violin, to change and challenge everything everyone thought they knew. Gorgeously written and hauntingly told, Butler's novel, about love, forgiveness, and yes, coming to terms with our failures, is as breathtaking as Maine itself."
The Blackmailer's Guide to Love (2021)
Marian Thurm
"Thurm spins a story about love and ambition, and the cost of both, focusing on a desperate-to-be-known writer, her philandering boss, her confused, straying husband, and the wily paramour who's out to blackmail him. Smart, savvy, heartbreakingly funny, and oh so wise, with prose like sparklers on every page. Writers are going to absolutely adore this book, but hey, so will everyone else on the planet."
Competitive Grieving (2021)
Nora Zelevansky
"How do we handle grief? When Wren's touchstone friend dies, she's unmoored, and even more so when she begins to wonder if she really knew her beloved friend as well as she thought she did. And that makes her wonder: how well does she know herself? Darkly funny and deeply moving, about love, loss and the transformative power of grief."
The Happiness Thief (2021)
Nicole Bokat
"So, so smart, and as downright dangerous a read as the edge of a razor, Bokat's book is a masterful study of memory, family, and the lies that derail us. Don't even dare to think you'll get any sleep once you start reading."
In the Event of Contact (2021)
Ethel Rohan
"Rohan's stories are small electric shocks of discovery. Here, she writes about how love and wonder can coexist right alongside betrayal, danger, rage. How can such a collection be both unsettling and redemptive? How can any of us tease out light in our darkness? Rohan's alchemy points the way."
Leaving Coy's Hill (2021)
Katherine A Sherbrooke
"What could be more timely than Sherbrooke’s gorgeously fictionalized and page-turning account of Lucy Stone, the first woman in Massachusetts to earn a college degree, to keep her maiden name, and to fight for women’s rights? A stunning look at timeless issues—how we navigate motherhood and career, marriage or staying single, and how we create change in a world that seems to have gone crazy, all told through the lens of one extraordinary heroine."
Count the Ways (2021)
Joyce Maynard
"How did Maynard know that this is exactly the book we all need now? This exhilaratingly brilliant novel isn't just an indelible story of the falling dominoes of a family struggling through crisis and through generations, it's also about the times we live through. . . . This gorgeous story reminds us that love is always, always worth it."
The Other Black Girl (2021)
Zakiya Dalila Harris
"Wise and funny and it does what the best books do—it opens up a whole world of two young Black women in the very white world of publishing, making the narrative both eye-opening social commentary and a delicious thriller. A mega-talented new author who deserves all the buzz building for her now—and every accolade she is surely going to get."
The People We Keep (2021)
Allison Larkin
"What does it mean to feel at home in the world? To find our true family? In Larkin’s luminous new novel, a young songwriter steals a car, hits the road, and struggles against all odds to try to find the answer. About the people we choose—and even more importantly the people who choose us—The People We Keep is both a profound love letter to creative resilience and a reminder that sometimes even tragedy can be a kind of blessing."
The Shimmering State (2021)
Meredith Westgate
"Westgate’s novel does what the absolute best books do—it makes you experience the world so differently. Who are we? Are we our memories? And if so, how do we know what memories are true and what might be manipulated? Moving, astounding, and totally unsettling. But also, as fascinating as memory itself."
The Living and the Lost (2021)
Ellen Feldman
"A gorgeous, shattering novel that could not be more timely about the dark damage of hatred and the persistence of love."
Hold Me Down (2021)
Clea Simon
"This devastatingly powerful mystery hits you like a punch in the heart."

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