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Jennifer Close was born and raised on the North Shore of Chicago. She is a graduate of Boston College and received her MFA in Fiction Writing from The New School in 2005. She worked in New York in magazines for many years and then in Washington, D.C., as a bookseller.

Genres: General Fiction, Romance

Jennifer Close recommends
Penelope (2012)
Rebecca Harrington
"Every page of this hilarious and charming book made me laugh out loud!"
Mating for Life (2014)
Marissa Stapley
"One of the most charming novels l've read in years. I loved every last page."
The Mentor (2017)
Lee Matthew Goldberg
"A dark, whirling, and gripping book, 'The Mentor' pulls you in from the very first page. Goldberg is a masterful storyteller and this tale of jealousy and ambition is one that will stay with you long after you're done."
The People We Hate at the Wedding (2017)
Grant Ginder
"Family dysfunction at its best. This novel is addicting and entertaining and I couldn't put it down!"
Indecent (2018)
Corinne Sullivan
"Indecent is a fresh twist on the prep school novel, a thrilling ride that masterfully explores class, sex and obsession. Sullivan's debut novel is a sharp and complex coming-of-age story that will keep you hooked until the last page."
The Dinner List (2018)
Rebecca Serle
"I read The Dinner List in a single day, unable to tear myself away from this unconventional dinner party. Rebecca Serle draws you in with this clever and delightful story and then (when you least expect it) offers up some of the sharpest insights on first loves, friendships and family. This book is completely original and wildly entertaining."
You, Me, and the Sea (2019)
Meg Donohue
"An honest and engaging look at the complicated and powerful bonds of female friendship. Donohue takes us on a weekend reunion full of secrets, resentment, and regret-in other words, once you start this book, you won’t be able to put it down!"
Followers (2020)
Megan Angelo
"How can I explain how much I love this book? Followers is an inventive, addictive and perfectly constructed novel...a sharp look at social media, friendship and the lengths we'll go to in order to feel seen...It's also the best book I've read in years."
Happily Whatever After (2020)
Stewart Lewis
"Happily Whatever After is a quirky, sweet story about second chances, family, and friendship. Stewart Lewis writes with a perfect blend of humor and wit and delivers a romance that is as hopeful as it is entertaining."
Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing (2020)
Allison Winn Scotch
"Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing is a sharp, funny (and oh so timely) story about women, power, ambition, and politics—which is another way of saying you will completely devour this book. This brilliant character full of grit and heart (with a moral compass to boot!) feels like the heroine we all need right now."
Love Like That (2021)
Emma Duffy-Comparone
"Emma Duffy-Comparone’s debut is smart, witty, and razor-sharp. These stories perfectly capture the complications of love and heartbreak, longing and desire. The women and girls in Love Like That are written with precision and compassion and it is fascinating to eavesdrop on their lives, to witness the pivotal moments as they deal with family, lovers, children, and loss."
Rock the Boat (2021)
Beck Dorey-Stein
"Rock the Boat is a funny and bighearted novel about friendship, love, and going home again. Dorey-Stein’s unique characters are hilarious and heartbroken—which is to say they are fantastic company and I enjoyed every single page."
Our American Friend (2022)
Anna Pitoniak
"I was immediately hooked on this novel about Sofie, a burned-out political reporter, who develops a friendship with the mysterious and elegant First Lady. Pitoniak blends a sharp look at present-day Washington, DC with an exploration of power, love and politics and the result is this smart, addictive page-turner. OUR AMERICAN FRIEND is a delicious political thriller and I couldn't put it down."
The Lifestyle (2022)
Taylor Hahn
"The Lifestyle is funny and sexy, a masterful exploration of marriage and friendship, ambition and swingers, and a frantic search for happiness that leads to the most unexpected places. Taylor Hahn's debut is addictive and smart - a romantic comedy with a twist! - and I couldn't put it down."

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