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USA flag (b.1967)

Therese Fowler has believed in the magic of a good story since she learned to read at the age of four. At age thirty, as a newly single parent, she put herself into college, earning a degree in sociology before deciding to scratch her longtime fiction-writing itch. That led to an MFA in creative writing, and the composition of stories that explore the nature of our families, our culture, our mistakes, and our desires.She lives in Wake Forest, NC, with her supportive husband and sons, and four indifferent but agreeable cats.

Genres: Romance, Literary Fiction, General Fiction, Historical

Therese Anne Fowler recommends
The Last Will of Moira Leahy (2009)
Therese Walsh
"An original, intriguing tale about the ways that love can break us or bind us."
The Accidental Empress (2015)
Allison Pataki
"The Accidental Empress is lush, romantic, and enlightening—a truly lovely novel."
Undiscovered Country (2018)
Kelly O'Connor McNees
"Kelly O'Connor McNees's compassion for her characters and their exceptional situation make for a compelling tale. I ached for Hick, and rooted for her, and am so glad to see her getting her due."
The Lost Vintage (2018)
Ann Mah
"Suspenseful, rich in detail about French food, culture, history and of course wine, the real power of The Lost Vintage lies in its thoughtful and humane rendering of difficult but important truths."
The Dream Daughter (2018)
Diane Chamberlain
"Can a story be both mind-bending and heartfelt? In Diane Chamberlain’s hands, it can. The Dream Daughter will hold readers in anxious suspense until the last satisfying page."
The Last Train to London (2019)
Meg Waite Clayton
"The Last Train to London is a rare thing: intellectually provocative and emotionally moving in equal measure. What a fine tribute to the victims and survivors of the Nazis' early terrors, and to the woman who at great personal risk and sacrifice subverted Hitler's will. Everyone should read this timely, gorgeous novel."
Daughter of Black Lake (2020)
Cathy Marie Buchanan
"In a tale that feels at once classic and fresh, Buchanan brings her trademark grace and attention to detail to this luminous story of a mother and daughter in first-century Britannia. Daughter of Black Lake is a thoughtful, compelling novel, a true pleasure to read."
All Girls (2021)
Emily Layden
"Emily Layden's debut, crafted with great care and empathy, is a shimmering, intelligent portrait of young women on the cusp of adulthood, navigating the complex landscape of feminine power and vulnerability."
Rhapsody (2021)
Mitchell James Kaplan
"We all know Gershwin, but how many know he was 'the man behind the woman," the conflicted, extraordinary Katherine 'Kay' Swift? Mitchell James Kaplan illuminates her in Rhapsody, bringing his impressive knowledge of history, composition, and the heart's whims to bear on this shining rendition of Swift and Gershwin's star-crossed love."
The Personal Librarian (2021)
Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray
"The Personal Librarian illuminates the extraordinary life of an exceptional, intelligent woman who had to make the impossible choice to live as an imposter or sacrifice everything she’d achieved and deserved. That Belle denied her true identity in order to protect herself and her family from racial persecution speaks not only to her times but also to ours, a hundred years later. All that glitters is not gold. This is a compelling and important story."
The People We Keep (2021)
Allison Larkin
"This book is for everyone who has known or has been the tough and troubled outsider in search of their place and their people. It's a story so true and tender-hearted that I want to wrap it in a hug and buy it some soup. Read it! You'll be so glad you did."
When Ghosts Come Home (2021)
Wiley Cash
"A treatise on race in America wrapped in a family drama wrapped in a mystery, it brings us a thoughtful examination of a good man's struggle to do right under trying circumstances. Cash puts his whole heart on the page with these flawed, true characters, and the reward is ours."
The Christie Affair (2022)
Nina de Gramont
"Nina de Gramont's skilful storytelling is exceeded only by her tenderness for her characters, and I was swept up, turning the pages and savoring them, too. This is a cracking good read."
Mustique Island (2022)
Sarah McCoy
"Readers will embrace Sarah McCoy's heartfelt, thoughtful story of mothers and daughters, desire and identity amid the circus life of Mustique Island that asks the questions: what do we owe one another, and what do we owe ourselves?"

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