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Lydia Netzer

USA flag (b.1972)

Lydia Netzer is a novelist, a homeschooler, a guitar player, and chief of the watermelon police. She lives in Virginia with her left-brained husband and red-headed children, and is currently trying to knit with a broken finger.
Lydia Netzer recommends
The Antiques (2017)
Kris D'Agostino
"The Antiques is witty, charming and delightful, but in critiquing the choices we make as moderns, it packs a firm punch."
The Almost Sisters (2017)
Joshilyn Jackson
"In a story of incredible love and bravery, [Jackson] lasers through the weathered grace and mossy tradition of the contemporary south to explode its comic book dualism with blistering genius… Imagine Flannery O’Connor in a Wonder Woman suit, and you’ll get close to the big heart of this brilliant book."
Strangers in Budapest (2017)
Jessica Keener
"From the first pages of Strangers in Budapest, the words 'You must not tell anyone' made me feel as if a hand had reached out from the shadows to pull me under, and I was swept away inexorably by this hypnotic plot, these dark scenes, and the relentless tension. Budapest is a riveting, beautiful book that throbs with plot and sparkles with excellent prose."
Lost in the Beehive (2018)
Michele Young-Stone
"Lost in the Beehive illuminates a timeless and universal lesson: life is brutal, but love redeems, and the only way through it all is truth. With an unforgettable main character and a beautiful big heart, this novel delivers what Michele Young-Stone does best: an opportunity to see directly into another soul. Not with artifice, or with sentimentality, but with glorious wit, and uncompromising compassion."

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