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Lyle Nicholson

Lyle Nicholson's love of writing began with his love of reading. He developed this from his mother and father growing up in Canada.

His father would die at an early age, and Lyle set out on a journey of discovery at the age of 18. He would travel Europe, act in a movie directed by Johnny Cash (which the author sincerely apologizes for his bad acting) then work on a Kibbutz (collective farm) in Israel.

In the 70's, Lyle was a hippie, then a monk in an Ashram (yoga monastery), the 80's would see him marry, and start his own marketing company as he kept getting fired by companies he worked for. His own company was successful and he retired in 2011.

Now in retirement, Lyle Nicholson has taken the years of his experience of travels, combined with his metaphysical experiences, and weaved them into fiction.

"There were always these stories playing in my head - on the road, in mediation (where they shouldn't have been) but there you are, that's what has developed over the years." Lyle said.

Lyle now lives in Kelowna, British Columbia with his wife of thirty plus years, where he indulges in his second career of writing, fine cooking and fine wines.

Genres: Mystery