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T F Powys

(Theodore Francis Powys)
UK flag (1875 - 1953)
Brother of John Cowper Powys

Theodore Francis Powys was a British writer, a younger brother of John Cowper Powys.

Born in Derbyshire, with a clergyman father of Welsh origin, T. F. Powys spent most of his life in the West Country, writing mostly while living at East Chaldon in Dorset. Several of his brothers and sisters, including Llewelyn Powys and Philippa Powys, distinguished themselves in artistic circles. Theodore was deeply, if unconventionally, religious and was the author of several novels and many short stories.
   Soliloquies of a Hermit (1926)
   Mr Weston's Good Wine (1927)
   Unclay (1931)
   The Market Bell (1991)
   Black Bryony (1923)
   The Left Leg (1923)
   Mark Only (1924)
   Mr Tasker's Gods (1924)
   Innocent Birds (1926)
   The Two Thieves (1932)
   Mock's Curse (1995)
   The Sixpenny Strumpet (1997)
   Selected Early Works of T.F. Powys (2003)
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