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William Rabkin

William Rabkin is a two-time Edgar Award nominee who writes the Psych series of novels and is the author of Writing the Pilot. He has consulted for studios in Canada, Germany, and Spain on television series production and teaches screenwriting at UCLA Extension and as an adjunct professor in UC Riverside's low-residency masters program.

William Rabkin has written and/or produced more than 300 hours of dramatic television. He served as showrunner on the long-running Dick Van Dyke mystery series Diagnosis Murder and on the action-adventure spectacle Martial Law. His many writing and producing credits include The Glades, Monk, Psych, Nero Wolfe, Missing, Spenser: For Hire, seaQuest 2032, Hunter and The Cosby Mysteries. He has also written a dozen network TV pilots. His work has been nominated twice for the Edgar Award for best television episode by the Mystery Writers of America.
He has published two books on writing for television, Successful Television Writing (2003), with Lee Goldberg and Writing The Pilot (2011) and five novels. He is the co-creator and co-editor of The Dead Man, a monthly series of supernatural action thrillers published by Amazons 47North imprint.

Rabkin, adjunct assistant professor of screen and television writing at the University of California, Riverside-Palm Deserts Low Residency MFA In Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts, has lectured on television writing and production to writers, producers, and executives in Spain, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, The Netherlands and Brazil. He also currently teaches Beginning Television Writing and Advanced Television Rewriting Workshop for Screenwriters University.

Genres: Horror
Series contributed to
Dead Man
   1. Face of Evil (2011) (with Lee Goldberg)
   2. Ring of Knives (2011) (with Lee Goldberg)
   3. Hell in Heaven (2011) (with Lee Goldberg)
   4. The Dead Woman (2011) (with Lee Goldberg and David McAfee)
   5. The Blood Mesa (2011) (with Lee Goldberg and James Reasoner)
   6. Kill Them All (2011) (with Lee Goldberg and Harry Shannon)
   7. The Beast Within (2011) (with James Daniels and Lee Goldberg)
   8. Fire and Ice (2012) (with Lee Goldberg and Jude Hardin)
   9. Carnival of Death (2012) (with Bill Crider and Lee Goldberg)
   10. Freaks Must Die (2012) (with Lee Goldberg and Joel Goldman)
   11. Slaves to Evil (2012) (with Lee Goldberg and Lisa Klink)
   12. Midnight Special (2012) (with Lee Goldberg and Phoef Sutton)
   13. The Death Match (2012) (with Christa Faust and Lee Goldberg)
   14. The Black Death (2012) (with Aric Davis and Lee Goldberg)
   16. Colder than Hell (2013) (with Lee Goldberg and Anthony Neil Smith)
   20. The Dark Need (2013) (with Lee Goldberg and Stant Litore)
   21. The Rising Dead (2013) (with Lee Goldberg and Stella Green)
   22. Reborn (2014) (with Kate Danley, Lee Goldberg, Lisa Klink and Phoef Sutton)
   The Dead Man Vol 1 (omnibus) (2012) (with Lee Goldberg)
   The Dead Man Vol 2 (omnibus) (2012) (with Lee Goldberg)
   The Dead Man Vol 3 (omnibus) (2012) (with Bill Crider, James Daniels, Lee Goldberg and Jude Hardin)
   The Dead Man Vol 4 (omnibus) (2012) (with Lee Goldberg, Joel Goldman and Phoef Sutton)
   The Dead Man Vol 5 (omnibus) (2013) (with Aric Davis, Christa Faust, Lee Goldberg and David Tully)
   The Dead Man Vol 6 (omnibus) (2013) (with Lee Goldberg)
   The Dead Man Vol 7 (omnibus) (2014) (with Lee Goldberg, Stella Green, Stant Litore and Mel Odom)
Non fiction
   Science Fiction Filmmaking in the 1980s (1994) (with Lee Goldberg, Jean-Marc Lofficier and Randy Lofficier)
   The Dreamweavers (1995) (with Lee Goldberg, Jean-Marc Lofficier and Randy Lofficier)
   Successful Television Writing (2003) (with Lee Goldberg)
   Writing the Pilot (2011)
   Writing the Pilot: Creating the Series (2017)