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USA flag (b.1973)

Tod Goldberg is the author of several books of fiction, including the novels Living Dead Girl, a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, Fake Liar Cheat and the popular Burn Notice series, as well as two collections of short stories, Simplify and Other Resort Cities. His essays, nonfiction, and journalism have appeared widely, including, most recently, in Best American Essays 2013. His latest novel, Gangsterland, will be released in fall 2014 from Counterpoint. Tod Goldberg holds an MFA in Creative Writing and Literature from Bennington College and lives in Indio, CA where he directs the Low Residency MFA program in Creative Writing & Writing for the Performing Arts at the University of California, Riverside.

Genres: Mystery
Tod Goldberg recommends
From Away (2018)
Phoef Sutton
"From Away is a complex, surprising, and haunting novel. Sutton's trademark wit lives within these pages, but here he reaches deeper, into a dark place, and finds something richer, something more human, than in any of his previous books. This is a page-turner of a different kind: mysterious, weird, and deeply affecting."
Comanche (2020)
Brett Riley
"COMANCHE is the best western-horror-thriller-ghost story-PI novel ever written."
The Lady Upstairs (2020)
Halley Sutton
"If either Thelma or Louise opted not to drive off that cliff, and instead took up residence in LA and began systematically righting some big wrongs, you'd have Halley Sutton's con-woman Jo: the ass-kicking anti-hero our world desperately needs. The Lady Upstairs is a stunning debut, noir as hell, filled with complex and daunting characters, and just a real good time."
Last Dance (2020)
(Sam Carver, book 2)
Jeffrey Fleishman
"Last Dance is a perfect mystery novel...Fleishman's Los Angeles is dark, brutal, and somehow still filled with moments of profound beauty...You'll be taken away. And If something bad happens to me, I want Sam Carver on the case."
Folk Songs for Trauma Surgeons (2021)
Keith Rosson
"Each story in Folk Songs for Trauma Surgeons is a bullet. Fast. Weird. Funny. Horrifying. This is a collection of unique grace and pleasure amongst all the oddities and twists. A major accomplishment."
Under Color of Law (2021)
(Trevor Finnegan, book 1)
Aaron Philip Clark
"Not since Joseph Wambaugh’s New Centurions has a book about the LAPD arrived with the power, strength, and timeliness of Under Color of Law. This is a thriller, all right, but it’s also the portrait of a city and its institutions crumbling from within. A dynamic and important work and, still, a hell of a mystery."
The Houseboat (2022)
Dane Bahr
"The Houseboat is a new noir classic. I loved it."

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