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At the heart of every crime, there's a family.... That fact is what drives Barbara's fiction. It's issue oriented, threaded with elements of suspense and defined by its particular emphasis on how crime effects families, the victim's family, the perpetrator's family. She indie published her first novel, The Ninth Step, in August of 2011 and she hasn't looked back since. The Volunteer came out in October of 2011 and in November 2011, The Last Innocent Hour, originally published by Panther Creek Press in trade paper was digitized for release as an indie e-book.

Currently Barbara is represented by the fabulous Barbara Poelle of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency and under contract with MIRA/Harlequin for Evidence of Life, which will make its print debut in April 2013, and a second novel that will appear in 2014.

Although she once lived on the grounds of a prison facility in Kentucky with her then prison warden husband, (A fact that might explain the nature of her writing.) she now resides near Houston, Texas. An avid gardener and reader, Barbara is the mother of two wonderful sons, who are an endless source of learning, laughter and joy.

Genres: Mystery, Romance
Barbara Taylor Sissel recommends
When We Meet Again? (2016)
Kristin Harmel
"Richly told and emotionally evocative, WHEN WE MEET AGAIN, is a novel with a wide and thrilling sweep, and an impossible to resist hook: a beautiful painting of a mysterious woman surfaces as if from nowhere. Who is she? Who is her artist?... In this complex and poignant novel, through gorgeously crafted prose and wonderfully nuanced characters, we are reminded of the indomitability of the human spirit and of the redemptive power that follows once we have made peace with our past."
Everything We Keep (2016)
(Everything We Keep, book 1)
Kerry Lonsdale
"Everything We Keep takes your breath from the very first line and keeps it through a heart-reeling number of twists and turns. Well-plotted, with wonderful writing and pacing, on the surface it appears to be a story of love and loss, but just as you begin to think you’ve worked it out, you’re blindsided and realize you haven’t. It will keep you reading and guessing, and trust me, you still won’t have it figured out. Not until the very end."
All the Good Parts (2016)
Loretta Nyhan
"A seceptively sweet and funny, ultimately poignant and heart-tugging novel with a twist near the end that will take your breath away."
The Party (2017)
Robyn Harding
"Suspenseful and provocative, The Party is a story that will keep you reading and keep you thinking long after you’ve turned the last page. This is one party invitation you don’t want to turn down."
I Wish You Happy (2017)
Kerry Anne King
"It’s the horrible accident that forms the backbone of the plot at the beginning of I Wish You Happy that will take your breath and have you turning the pages. The hook has a vivid, ripped from the headlines vibe, one that will have you wondering what you would do, how you would respond in a similar situation. But there are so many other treasures to find in this story as it unfolds. From the warm, deeply human and relatable characters to the heartbreaking and complex situation they find themselves in, this is a novel to savor, one you will be sorry to see end. Sometimes funny and often very wise and poignant, I Wish You Happy is a reading journey you do not want to miss."
The Promise Between Us (2018)
Barbara Claypole White
"Some books make you stop and think, and compel you to examine your own perceptions, how you feel about an issue. The Promise Between Us is such a book. The complication at the heart of the story is riveting: suffering symptoms of postpartum OCD that could lead to her harming her newborn, a young mother does what would be unthinkable for most new mothers. She leaves her baby in order to protect her. Is it the right decision? As the consequences continue to ripple out over the next several years, lives are unraveled and rebuilt in ways that are surprising, sometimes painful, often joyful. Combining elements of suspense and romance with laugh-out-loud doses of wonderful humor for leavening, this is ultimately a story about the redemptive power of love. This is Barbara Claypole White at her finest."
After Nightfall (2018)
A J Banner
"Moody and beautifully atmospheric, After Nightfall is a psychological thriller that will keep you guessing until the final page, the final sentence even, a heart-stopping revelation. I highly recommend it!"
The Waiting Room (2018)
Emily Bleeker
"Fast-paced and suspenseful from page one, a story where nothing is as it seems. The answer to the mystery of what happened hovers just off the page, and just when you think you have it, a jaw-dropping twist will take your breath away. Fans of Emily Bleeker will not be disappointed."
Rachael's Return (2020)
Janet Rebhan
"Combining elements of reality with the supernatural, Rachael's Return takes the reader on an intricately plotted and heart-stopping journey of suspense even as it explores the larger themes of immortality and the inscrutable nature of both death and rebirth."

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