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As a child, A. J. Banner loved reading everything from Nancy Drew to Tolkien to her parents spy novels, borrowed from their bookshelves and hidden beneath her pillow. She wrote her first thriller, Mystery at Crane Corner, at the age of 11. She drew her own cover art and bound the pages with staples.

Genres: Mystery

A J Banner recommends
The Good Widow (2017)
Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke
"Accomplished authors Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke make their suspense debut with great skill and assurance in this enthralling novel of marital secrets and lies, grief and revelation. The Good Widow led me along a winding, treacherous road and made a sharp, startling turn that I didn’t see coming. Unputdownable!"
The Party (2017)
Robyn Harding
"Engrossing and unflinching in its portrayal of the dark side of human nature, The Party takes the concept of 'mean girls' to a whole new level."
The Blind (2017)
A F Brady
"A propulsive, compelling debut. The main character, Sam, is complex, damaged and sympathetic. You won't soon forget this gripping psychological read."
Half Past (2017)
Victoria Helen Stone
"A captivating, suspenseful tale of love and lies, mystery and self-discovery, Half Past kept me flipping the pages through the final, startling twist."
Tips for Living (2018)
Renée Shafransky
"An immersive, pitch-perfect debut. Tips for Living is a must-read."
Every Single Secret (2018)
Emily Carpenter
"A complex, riveting novel of psychological suspense that holds a mirror to the darkest human impulses. A must-read."
The Second Son (2018)
Martin Jay Weiss
"A riveting, cleverly plotted thriller for the modern age, The Second Son combines action, intrigue and romance against the vivid backdrop of colorful California culture. Readers will keep turning the pages late into the night."
The Trailing Spouse (2018)
Jo Furniss
"A beautifully written, evocative psychological thriller rife with secrets, misdirection, and intrigue. The Trailing Spouse kept me enthralled straight through to the shocking final twist. A must-read!"
River Bodies (2018)
(Northampton County, book 1)
Karen Katchur
"Dark secrets of the past flow into the present in this emotionally resonant, deeply insightful tale of family bonds, betrayal, violence, and redemption. Part engrossing love story, part riveting murder mystery, River Bodies is a must read."
Rapid Falls (2018)
Amber Cowie
"In this smart, riveting thriller reminiscent of Patricia Highsmith’s works, a dark alchemy of family secrets and sibling rivalry spins ever more wildly toward a shocking, diabolical ending. I couldn’t put it down!"
I'll Never Tell (2019)
Catherine McKenzie
"Part compelling mystery, part absorbing family drama, I’ll Never Tell is a cleverly crafted, heart-wrenching tale of obsession, regret, and the devastating effects of keeping secrets for far too long. Catherine McKenzie has spun another powerful and poignant page-turner."
All That's Bright and Gone (2019)
Eliza Nellums
"A dreamlike, enthralling whodunit for fans of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, filtered through the imaginative mind of a precocious six-year-old girl. An impressive debut."

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