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T Jefferson Parker was born in Los Angeles and has lived all his life in Southern California. He was educated in public schools in Orange County, and earned a bachelor's degree in English from the University of California, Irvine, in 1976.

Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Literary Fiction
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April 2023

The Rescue
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
   My California (2004) (with Mark Arax, Michael Chabon, Firoozeh Dumas, Edward Humes, Aimee Liu, Mary Mackey, Devorah Major, Thomas Steinbeck, Héctor Tobar, Donna Wares and Matt Warshaw)
Edgar Awards Best Novel nominee (2001) : Red Light
Edgar Awards Best Novel winner (2002) : Silent Joe
Macavity Awards Best Novel nominee (2002) : Silent Joe
Anthony Awards Best Novel nominee (2005) : California Girl
Edgar Awards Best Novel winner (2005) : California Girl
Macavity Awards Best Novel nominee (2005) : California Girl
Shamus Awards Best Hardcover Novel winner (2018) : The Room of White Fire

T Jefferson Parker recommends
Only in the Ashes (1997)
(Anne Menlo, book 2)
Maxine O'Callaghan
"O'Callaghan... takes us into the extremes of evil and innocence."
The Guards (2001)
(Jack Taylor, book 1)
Ken Bruen
"The Guards blew me away. It's dark, funny and moving - just for starters. With a sharp eye and a lyrical voice, Ken Bruen takes us on a powerful odyssey through the mean streets of Galway, straight into the Irish heart. Bruen's tale is a potent draft of desire and hopelessness, conviction and surrender, inadvertent heroism and unexpected grace. This is mystery writing f a high order."
Dead Water (2001)
(Loon Lake Fishing Mystery, book 3)
Victoria Houston
"Gripping, atmospheric and smart."
Dark Side of the Moon (2006)
(Laura Cardinal, book 2)
J Carson Black
"A strong new voice in American crime fiction."
Buy Back (2010)
Brian M Wiprud
"Buy Back is Wiprud's best and biggest novel yet - his breakout book."
License to Lie (2012)
(License to Lie, book 1)
Terry Ambrose
"...fast and well written almost sure to satisfy..."
The Disposables (2014)
(Bruno Johnson, book 1)
David Putnam
"A dark and disturbing insider's novel that may not make you feel safer on the mean streets of L.A. Dark, disturbing and all too believable, this is the tale of one man's quest for atonement in a world where innocence is a liability."
The Benefit of Doubt (2015)
(Newberg, book 1)
Neal Griffin
"A fine debut. The police work is definitive, the emotions run high, and the hero Ben Sawyer is one you will root for."
The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes (2017)
(Daughter of Sherlock Holmes, book 1)
Leonard Goldberg
"Loaded with suspense and believable characters."
The Driver (2017)
Hart Hanson
"Hart Hanson has given us a wonderful debut novel in The Driver."
The Return of Kid Cooper (2018)
Brad Smith
"The Return of Kid Cooper is Brad Smith at his best—clear-eyed, tough-minded and true of heart. Smith— once a farmer, signalman, truck driver, bartender, teacher and carpenter— understands that work will take its toll, even when it's the only thing holding a soul together. This is a powerful novel, fully felt and beautifully written."
High White Sun (2018)
(Sheriff Chris Cherry, book 2)
J Todd Scott
"High White Sun is a striking novel from one of the most formidable crime writers working today. J. Todd Scott captures the rough beauty of Big Bend, Texas, and the even rougher men and women living on both sides of the law. Whispers of Winslow and McCarthy sound across these pages, but the determining voice is all Scott's - specific, lyrical and keen to time and place. This is an authentic contemporary Western in the best sense of the words."
The Disappearance of Maggie Collins (2018)
Roger Angle
"NYPD Lt. Daniel Dupree is on the trail of a torture-killer of prostitutes, using his PD lover—Maggie Collins—as bait to trap the murderer. What follows is a blacker-than-noir journey through Manhattan’s one-time pit of wickedness. Steeped in sex and violence, hinting at Dupree’s redemption, this dark adventure is not for the faint of heart."
Gary Phillips' Hollis For Hire (2018)
(Nate Hollis, book 2)
Scott Adlerberg, Sarah M Chen, Phillip Drayer Duncan, Naomi Hirahara, Sara Paretsky and Gary Phillips
"Yes, this is a violent world that Nate inhabits, but he steers a true and moral course through the layers of deception, skullduggery and sometime worse that make these stories such high-density entertainment."
The Animals After Midnight (2019)
(Darby Holland, book 3)
Jeff Johnson
"What wonderful Northwest noir. Jeff Johnson cruises through Portland's underworld with a raunchy grace and an unfailing sense of black humor."
Crossing Borders (2020)
Lisa Brackmann and Matt Coyle
"This splendid collection of border fiction is haunting and intense. Bravo to San Diego Sisters in Crime."
Stop at Nothing (2020)
(Michael Gannon, book 1)
Michael Ledwidge
"Stop at Nothing is a smart, brawny thriller that moves fast and surprises often. The action is tense, the characters are surely drawn, and a wonderful sense of authenticity drives the story. Best of all, the writing is assured and stylish. Stop at Nothing is a high speed roller coaster that will carry you away."
Prior Bad Acts (2020)
(Cain/Harper, book 2)
D P Lyle
"Hums like a tuning fork in perfect thriller pitch. Further proof that lyle is at the top of his game."
The Last Songbird (2023)
Daniel Weizmann
"The Last Songbird is rock noir at its best. It sneaks up on you like a hook line, and when it's over, you can't get it out of your head. Hapless hero/songwriter Addy Zantz is witty, gritty and determined to solve the murder of his idol and muse, the legendary rock star, Annie Linden. Daniel Weizmann's L.A. is half Warren Zevon and half Raymond Chandler. Bravo."

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