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I grew up as what I call “A Wanderer”. I moved around a lot both as a child and as an adult. I spent my entire working career a a Purchasing Manager / Planner, scheduling parts and production plans for automotive companies. Both the manufacturers and their suppliers.

A few years ago, 2 days before Thanksgiving, I was told that I had a rare, incurable disease that is always fatal and untreatable, called Amyloidosis. I was forced to retire. Me and my wife, Julie Saylor, moved to SW Florida because she’d always wanted to live here, so why not?

My third book, THE DARKNESS GROWS, is a bit of a departure from my first two books. A little less action, and more storyline about a subject that I wondered about. What happens to the orphaned children? Who steps up for them?. With millions of children already being trafficked every year, with the US being the NUMBER ONE country for child and sex trafficking, what happens when there is no more law and order? I believe that what is currently hidden and kept in the shadows, will inevitably be right before us and the evil people who exploit the helpless children will be exposed. I also believe we will be shocked at exactly who is involved. Our neighbors? Our own friends and family? Our leaders? I believe it will be all of the above. This book may even be polarizing, however I felt it was an important topic to address. I’ve never seen it really even talked about or considered in other Post Apocalyptic novels. I’ll return to the farm’s struggles to rebuild and deal with the other realities of life after the CME in my future books. Thank you to all who’ve encouraged me to continue writing and even to address the all important topic. And thank you ti my faithful readers and fans for indulging my heart felt need to have this admittedly difficult, but I felt necessary, “conversation”. Hopefully I don’t loose any readers and fans. Be assured that the story going forward sees our favorite characters, POP, Charlie, FRED an SADIE the faithful dogs, and of course Dave and Julie continue in their struggles and journey ti rebuild.

As a conservative and a Christian I write with my Faith in my heart, my mind and my writing. You won’t find a lot of cursing and foul language and never any graphic, sexual content. As what I consider a “normal” conservative, moral Christian, my Faith does come out in my writing. I do my best not to sound critical of anyone. I feel peoples actions are what defines them. I accept everyone for who they are with no hatred in my heart for anyone. But if the mere mention of Christianity bothers you, my writing may not exactly be “your cup of tea”. As with all writers our beliefs do come out.

I really hope you like what I’ve written. I just turned 60 which goes to show you that it’s never too late to chase a dream or start a new chapter in your own life. I just wish I’d done it sooner. I continue to write and will do so while I am still here. Knowing that I’ll leave behind a legacy.

As a Christian I know that this life is only just the beginning of what Jesus has promised will be a future that knows no more pain, or physical infirmity. I hope by writing these books I encourage fellow Christian’s to let your Faith drive you to accomplish more than you think you can. I strive to inspire people to live their beliefs in their actions and daily lives. May you find His Grace and Mercy as well before it’s too late.

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