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Jack Schaefer

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Although many readers throughout the world know and love the novel Shane (1949), or the award-winning film based on it, few recognize the name of its author, Jack Schaefer (1907-1991). Still less well known is the fact that, following the spectacular success of Shane, his first work of fiction, Schaefer created many more short stories and novels of high quality. Although that body of work ought to have ensured him a prominent place in the annals of American literature, most of it is now, sadly, out of print. And, except for articles in studies and reference works on "western literature"--some of which relegate him to the lowly status of a writer of "Westerns"--Schaefer has been ignored by scholars and critics.

Genres: Western
   Shane (1949)
   The Canyon (1953)
   First Blood (1954)
   The Pioneers (1957)
   Company of Cowards (1958)
   Out West (1959)
   Old Ramon (1960)
   Monte Walsh (1963)
   Adolphe Francis Alphonse Bandelier (1966)
   Mavericks (1967)
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